My alarm blares into my ear, awakening me from my deep slumber. I smack the button on top, not caring if I break it. Rubbing my temples I groggily make my way towards the bathroom, careful not to bump into anything in the darkness. I pass by Asha’s bed and see that she is still asleep; I’ll wake her once I finish my warm shower. Walking into the warm bathroom, I immediately strip off my clothes and hop into the beautifully warm water. The water scorches my skin leaving red marks, but it feels so good compared to the cool air outside. An old lullaby begins to escape my lips, and the soap in my hair washes down into the drain. Then the bathroom door opens.

“Sorry Asha, I’ll be done in a minute,” I say.

The voice that responds, however, is deep and raspy, and can only belong to one person. “Take your time babe, in fact, I might just join you in there,” says Harry.

“Very funny Styles, but you know that’s not going to happen.”

“Oh is that so sweetheart?”  Harry asks as the shower curtain slowly opens. I smack his hand and the curtain drops again.

“No Harry, Asha is asleep in the other room.”

“Your point is?”

“I don’t want to wake her.”

“It’s not like we haven’t done this before. Remember that time when Zay-“

“Harry!” I yell, as my face flushes.

He laughs. “Alright, I won’t try anything right now, but we will finish this later,” he promises.

A minute later the water stops and Harry hands a towel to me. Quickly, I dry off and step out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my body, and another wrapped around my wet hair. Large, calloused, warm hands hug my waist from behind. Curls tickle the nape of my neck.

“Mmm you smell good,” says Harry as he kisses my neck.

I laugh at his playfulness and look into the mirror. A gasp escapes my lips. The reflection looking back at me is timeless, and will forever be etched into my brain. Harry stands behind me in a flannel shirt with the collar open, exposing his inked and sun kissed skin. He wears the necklace that he always does and his hair is a perfect mess. He holds me in his arms as he continues to kiss my neck not paying attention to what I am doing. I stand in a towel and my skin glows from my freshly taken shower. Harry’s gorgeously breathtaking eyes meet mine in the mirror, and he flashes an adorable smile.  I smile back and we stay like that for what seems like forever.

The moment fades away as Asha knocks on the door. Harry sighs in frustration and is about to yell at our intruder, but I stop him.

“Yes Asha?” I chirp.

“Oh I was wondering if you were almost done using the Bathroom so I could get ready,” she replies.

I glance at Harry before saying, “Yeah I’m done, be out in a second.”

Asha’s footsteps walk away from the door, and I laugh. Harry raises his eyebrows up in question.

“What? We were having a moment and your stuck up roommate completely ruined it!” Harry exaggerates.

“Harry, you’re acting like your old self again. Calm down. Plus, we were gonna finish this later anyway. Remember?” I stand on my tip toes and plant a soft kiss to Harry’s pink lips. I smirk at his dazed expression, loving the effect I have on him.

“Wait, Harry? How did you get in here?” I ask.

“You’re really going to ask me that? C’mon babe I break into places for a living.” Harry says with an amused expression.

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