Chapter 16

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Venus's POV:

I woke up at 4 pm, from my nap. I checked my phone for any messages, but I didn't have any. I looked at the flowers by my bed, and decided to go and get my mail, and ask if anyone knows who came in and left the flowers.

I went to my mail box, and opened it. 5 letters. The usual, bills. I turn around and see the lady that looks over the whole apartment complex.

"Hi. I want to know who went into my apartment today." I say.

"Yeah, one moment please ma'am."

I turn around and wait for the lady to finish with whatever she was doing. "Ma'am, sorry for the wait. You were saying?"

"Yes, when I got home today, I found some flowers in my night stand. Did you left anyone into my apartment?" I ask.

"Oh yeah. Some guy from a flowers shop came and asked if he could leave the flowers in the apartment. I left the guy in and he just placed them there. Oh and he left this note for you too." She handed me the note. It had pretty cursive writing.

"Thank you ma'am." I say and leave. I headed towards my apartment. I got in and sat on the sofa, staring at the note. I opened it and it said:

'Hi, I see you got the flowers and the receptionist gave you this note. I'm glad you liked the flowers. You may be wondering who sent you these beautiful bouquet so here, call to +39 41 51 62 38. You'll have you questions answered."

I realized that the number was from Italy, so I dialed the number.

**In Italy**

Ignazio's POV:

"Do you think she even got the flowers?"

"Yes, patience ok." I say, I need for him to calm down. I know it's something he's been planning for a long time.

"I hope it works"

"It will, just be patient please." Men, he was just annoying me. I don't know why I even bothered to do this.

Hey! Ring, Ring!!

God I love my ringtone! I answered, and I knew it was Venus, but I faked it out.

"Ciao?" I say.

"Umm yes, can I speak with the person that's in charge or something. I got this number, and I don't know who I'm calling to." She said. I knew she was confused.

"Yes, Please hold.. It's her, here it's your turn now." I gave the phone to him, he had told me to do so before the phone rang.

"But what do I say?" He was nervous, and I understood.

"Say whatever, but just answer!" I put the phone on his hands. Then he answers.

"Yes? Who am I talking with?" he says, trying to make his voice sound different. "Put it on speaker, I wanna hear!" I whisper to him.

"Hi, my name is Venus. I'm calling because I received a bouquet of roses.. I would like to know who sent them." Venus said.

"Um, sorry ma'am, we can't give that information, via telephone. But we are located in Sicily, Italy if you would like to come and see for yourself who sent those flowers to you." His voice almost caught off, but I gave him a pat on the back to calm him down.

There was a long silence, then we both hear Venus say: " Sicily? Who would send me flowers from Sicily, the only one that's over there is... "

He knew she knew who sent the flowers to her, and before she spoke, he hung up. He turned around and see me, then he said "I was a jerk. Why did I even sent the flowers in the first place?"

"Piero, calm down. She don't know it was you, maybe. I don't know anymore, since you hung up!"

"Ugh! Let's just leave it like that. I hope she does  and thinks about the right person." He looked down at his shoes, and I noticed a tear coming out of his eye.

"Don't worry Piero. If she really knows, she'll call Gianluca, and i'll be there to know. So don't worry." I say, just to calm him down, and make him see that it was all worth it...


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