chapter 4- Rihanan P.O.V

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Joey helps me out of his car and into the house and he sets me down on the couch then he walks to his fridge and opens the freezer and gets an ice pack for my head. I see Sawyer walk down stairs "ummm....." I hear Sawyer sputter "oh, this is Rihanan" Joey says with quite confedence "hi" I mumble "you feelin better?" Joey asks "I'm fine, thanks" I say with a gentle smile on my face. Sawyer walks over to me and gives his hand to me then says "I'm Sawyer" I push his hand away "no need" I say to him " I watch you two on YouTube" I add "oh, well that's great!" Joey says like a child "why don't we exchange numbers?"  Sawyer ask randomly "ya that would be fun!" I say excitedly. I start to say my number and both Joey and Sawyer were typing my number into there phones, then, one at a time they both said there numbers to me as I put them into my phone.

"he would you like Joey and I to drive you home" I hear Sawyer say "yes,thank you, I kinda didn't bring a car with me haha" I giggle then I get and head for the door with Joey in front of me and Sawyer behind me.

~*moments later*~

"wow, you don't live far from here" 

"ya, just a block away" I giggle as I get out of the car "text me later you two" I laugh then proceed to walk towards my house thinking to myself 'Joey is sooo adorable' I open my door to greet my Doberman named Bella and my greyhound Marco

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