Chapter 4

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After leaving the hospital he took me to his and his band members flat they shared. This is were we had sex I can remember because it was huge. As we walked in I was greeted by 4 boys named Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn.

"Guys, I have something else to tell you," Niall said grabbing my hand.

"Niall, we all know your dating her," Zayn said.

"Well yes we are dating but we are also expecting a baby," Niall said nervously.

"Yay, we are going to be uncles," they all said at once hugging Niall then me.

After awhile Niall told me he need to talk to me in private. I to be honest was terrified to see what he would say.

"Nya, I have to go on tour soon and I was wondering if you could come along with me because I really want to be a part of his/her life," he said nervously.

"I would love too but what about Anika and my job," I said happy then concerned.

"Well Anika will just have to come visit a lot and you can quit your job. I will support you and our baby," he said touching my belly.

"Umm, ok and I'm nervous about leaving my best friend," I said unsure.

"I promise, it will be fine and you can move in here," he said excitingly.

"Ok and ok I will move in tonight after I talk to Anika," I said kissing his cheek.

Just my cell phone rang. It was Anika saying that she read in a magazine I was dating Niall Horan from One Direction. I told her I was and she flipped her lid saying I was so lucky, I told her about moving out and she said it was cool. Then I told her I was pregnant she got really quiet and yelled congrats then we ended the call.

Later that night I move in with Niall and the boys. They were so excited to have me there and kept touching my belly. I have never felt more love than I did with Niall and the boys that night. After dinner I went to bed in Niall's arms and he whispered I love you when he thought I was asleep. It was a great day.

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