Hello Cyrus E. Fray

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"It's so good to meet you Harper. I am Doctor Cyrus E. Fray." he smiled at me.

"Did you say E.?" I asked.

"Yes, I notice yours starts with E too, what is your middle name?" Cyrus asked.

"I don't know." I replied.

"You...don't know?" he asked curiously.

"No, My father never told anyone what he wrote on my birth certificate. But enough about me for now I want to know about you!" I exclaimed.

"All of it?"

I nodded.

"I was born February 17, 1743 in Eraclea a province of Venice Italy. My Mother raised me after my father became a drunk and beat me. She was outraged and forbid him to come near us ever again.

When I was in my teens my father came back and tried to kill me but my mother stabbed him in the neck and he died instantly. the authorities caught her and imprisoned her. I was alone walking the cobblestone paths one night when a chilling vision came upon me..."

Then the color to his eyes left and became pure white. Next little lines of color swirled in his eyes and the room started to fade.

"Watch this" Alice said and grabbed my hand. The room turned dark and I realized we weren't in their living room anymore. We were walking the paths of Italy.

"Alice, this is amazing! How is this possible, did Cyrus do this?" I asked.

"Yes, Cyrus has the ability to create visual illusions. He's showing you his memory of the night he was attacked.

"Where's everyone else?" I asked.

"Sitting in the living room waiting to see how you react." She said.

"So, are you really here?" I asked.

"No, I'm part of the illusion. He just put a friendly figure so you wouldn't freak." She said.

"You said illusions? Everything is real though I can touch things." I said touching my hand to the damp walls.

"Cyrus has had plenty of time to train his ability and has mastered it to a point where everything is completely real to whomever or however many people he want to show any illusion. Real or not." She explained.

"HELP!" we heard a young man cry out.

"Oh! it's starting. look, over there." she pointed to where a young man was being held against the wall by a beautiful girl. I recognized the man as Cyrus.

"Stop trying to defy my grasp!" the girl screamed in a Angel like tone.

"What are you!" He screamed in fear as the wall behind him started to crack under the pressure. "Wait and see for yourself." She said plainly and bit into his neck.

His screams broke my heart as the scene dissipated just as it had formed.

"Cyrus, that's amazing." was all I could simply say. "Thank you. It's been an extraordinary life." he said.

"So what about after that?" I asked.

"Well, I advanced and trained my ability like I said." He got a big smile on his face and continued. "Then on April 23 1919 I met Ryle Juniper Drake. My human, my best friend, my love, and the mother to my son." he said.

"You have a son? I thought they were all adopted." I said.

"Yes, Ethan was born April 26 1920. He wasn't planned but we were thrilled. Until she gave birth and died from trama. Ethan turned out to be part human and part vampire, still is..." he said sadly and if he could have cried he would.

"Hey Dad, what's that smell! I could smell it the moment I hit the treaty line. It smells AMAZING like vanilla raspberry and pure sugar!" A young man was talking as he came walking into the room. "It's intoxicating..." he said as he looked directly in my eyes.

My heart stopped. He was gorges. His hair was a dark red and black mix with piercing gold eyes. His body frame was skinny but toned and curved in all the right ways for a guy. He was looking at me in a charming way with a crooked smile on his face that made me instantly forget my name.

"Well! Are you going to introduce yourselves or sit there drooling a little longer?" Elliot laughed.

We immediately snapped out of it.

"Hello I'm Ethan Ryle Fray, and you are?" he sated in the most charming and beautiful way.


And then I seized...

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