My new chance for life

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Chapter Five:"Second Strike"

I am looking at kate her hair is now curly, I helped her to apply her some make up and now she is wearing a blue dress that makes her look stunning.

Me well I can't say nothing I am not as beautiful as Kate. Kate:"Umm Earth calling (YN)" Me:"Oh sorry Kate I was just thinking" Kate:"About what?" Me:"Nothing".

A minute later Kate:"Please tell me" Me:"Well how you looked so awesome in that dress and how hideous I looked" I know kate doesn't know what to say how she cn admit her best friend isn't such a model.

Kate:"Please don't say that you look better than me that dress makes you look curvier and plus you have green eyes and blonde hair" Is this the true from her I think it might be true because I always think the worst about me.

Kate gives me a huge smile I smile her back. I'm really happy watching Josh for second time I think I have to get an autograph i my book. Me:"Kate well let's go I think it's time"  Kate:"Well dad said he would send us the tickets with the hotel manager" Me:"Okay".

After Kate Picking up the tickets. We are ready to leave Kate with the tickets and a camera and me well with my memory book.

We take a cab to the premiere. Kate gives the cab driver all the directions for him to get to the adress.

We are arriving before anyone else I think 2 hours before it starts it's okay. We arrive there's a lot of people well I think there are 1000 girls in there.

Kate takes my hand we pay the cab driver and start our journey to take the right place where we can reach at least one of Josh's autographs for us.

Me:"Well we are the front so now we can be able to get the autograph" Kate:"Yeah I know". We are waiting I am holding my book with one hand and the other is just trembeling.

I think what would be the right and polite words to ask Josh for the autograph but I don't know I really don't I think I might make myself a fool.

Couple of minutes pass I don't really exactly the time, I'm just too nervous to look at my watch and what I will say to Josh, now I want to leave Kate:"Look (YN) there's Josh" Me:"Umm Really Jo..Josh".

I think don't be nervous they are just nine little and simple words:" Hi I'm (YN), will you give me an autograph", he is only a couple of steps to reach us.

Exactly when  he is infront of me I can't speak I'm just too nervous he is only watching me surely he will think "who's that girl holding a book? what she is doing here?".

I feel a sudden push and me and Kate are now behind a crowd of girls Me:"Oh hell no I miss another why god why you do this to me?".

I start crying like a kid who's ice cream fell from the cone Kate holds me tight my second chance was now another failure. Kate:"Well (YN) at least I took pictures of him and you".

As we leave and go back to the hotel Kate tries to calm me down and wipe my tears of frustation.

When we are at the hotel room, suddenly my mind goes back to normal and I think my book??? Me:"Kate where's my book??"

Josh's POV:

I m standing at the now lonely red carpet, after hours I'm now finally leaving  but I can't stop thinking of that mute girl and I can't keep thinking why did't she speak? It was the second time in  day I had seen her.

I feel a hand on my shoulder I turn around and see a security guard. Me:"Oh hi" Security Guard:" Mr. Hutcherson when you were giving utographs you drop this" He gives me a brown book that says with cursive letter "My life by (YN)".

I think I know from who is this but why she dropped it? I think it might be important for her so I lie Me:"Yeah it's mine thanks for taking it" Security Guard:"No problem Mr. Hutcherson".

I want to open it but I really can't it's not mine and it might say something that is a secret for her or something.

I can only remember those big green eyes that looked at me I think I just want to know more about them.

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