Hey y'all.

Sorry I don't update as much anymore. It's school and I've had a boyfriend now for about 5 months. So I'm distracted, but I haven't forgotten about this story.

Also, I've been applying for colleges and taking the ACT so I've been busy. But Christmas break is in a week so I promise to update a few chapters then. Thank you so much for still reading and keeping up with my story. It means so much to me.

So now that Haley knows that Harry has cheated what will she do?

Will she forgive him? Or make it hard on him?

Will he give up or try harder to win back her trust?

Can Haley really make Harry Styles change? He's the guy that can any girl he wants, but does he want Haley bad enough to give all that up?

The next chapter will be up soon.

Reckless In Love is in even close to being over. Keep checking for updates and continue to read, please. Xoxo.


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