Meeting The Father-Chapter Six

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:)!!!!......................Maddy's tattoo to the side

Magic's POV

"Land! Oh, safe land!" I screamed, getting out of the car. I got on the ground and hugged it. Maddy clutched her stomach, laughing hard.

"Oh, shut up! We are okay!" Danny protested.

"You almost killed us you big oaf!"

"It was the squirrel's fault!"

----------13 minutes ago-Still in the car, singing--------------

"Its Hard to Look right! At you baby! But Here's My number! So Call me--- SQUIRRELL!!!!!!" Me and Maddy screamed.

Danny swerved right. Then left. Then right. Then left again. The car finally stoped swerving and drove straight.

"Is everyone alright?" Josh asked.

"Yeah, we're fine," I said.

"Danny! You fugly smurf! You almost killed us!" Maddy yelled. I had to laugh at the smurf bit.

---------------------Present Time----------------------------------

"Oh I'm sure that squirrell just decided to run in front of the car and almost kill us. You're funny, really," Maddy said. I gotta say, I'm proud of her.

"Well, maybe that squirrell was an assissin spy in disguise. Have you ever thought of that?" Danny defended.

"No, then I would be mentally stupid.".... Well that knocked his smile right off his face.

"Okay, little chitlens. Time to see the big bad wolf," I said

"We're older than you,"Josh said, pointing to himself and Danny.

"Maturity is a choice. Clearly you chose to act like 6 year-old."

"What about the singing and the tampon reference?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.


"Joshua, you didnt tell me you were bringing guests,"  A deep voice spoke.

I turned around and saw very tall man that looked frightingly a lot like Josh. He had the same traits josh had except he had dirty blonde hair. Also he was very, very, very tall. Did I already mention that?

"Father, this is my mate, Magic. And her cousin is Danny's mate, Maddy," Josh said, wrapping his arms around my waist. Danny and Maddy came up beside us and stood in the same position as me and Josh.

"Your mates are very beautiful," Josh's dad said. "My name is Vince. Please call me Vinny."

He held out his hand for me to shake but I had other ideas. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into a hug. I motioned for Maddy to join in and she wrapped her tiny arms around us both. What can we say, we like to hug.

"I love these girls, already!" he said, holding us dangerously tight. "They are so cute!"

Me and Maddy weezed. Finally he stopped squeezing us. Intsead he picked us up like a child sitting on the mother's hips. I dont know how he picked us up, at the same time. I wrapped my arms around his neck to keep hold of him so I didnt fall off. Maddy did the same, putting her arms ontop of mine.

"Excuse me," Maddy said.

"We are 13 years-old," I said.

"Really?" Vinny frowned.

"Really!" Me and Maddy said in sinc.

"Can you tell us what these tattoos mean?" Maddy asked Vinny.

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