Chapter 40

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Ray's POV:


"Just give them to me!"


We shouted at each other, for awhile. The doors opened, but we kept arguing.

"Will you please just explain to us, why you need them?" Alit asked.

"No. That's classified information."

"Why does everything have to be classified, or a secret with you?!" I shouted.


Suddenly a loud 'thud', came from the other side of the room.

"Will you three stop arguing!"

Rio had her hands on a book. Was that what made the 'thud'?

"What are you doing here?" Iris asked.

"To stop you three from arguing."

Trey walked up next to Rio.

"Well, you don't have to anymore, because I'm leaving."

Before we could say anything, she walked to the door. Not saying a word.

"Oh one more thing."

She turned to look at us.

"You four are the lost Barian Rulers, we've been looking for. So don't act surprised."

She opened the door and disappeared, leaving us speechless. What happened to her? She was kind and gentle an hour ago. Now she's angry.  

"What happened?" Rio asked.

"Iris, wanted our gem stones," I said.

"Why?" Trey asked.

"That's what we're still trying to find out."

"Wait a minute. Are we in Barian?"

We all looked at Trey.

"Yeah, why?"

"How come I'm the only one who's human?"

My eyes widened.

"Whoops. Surprise we're Barians!" Alit yelled.



"Is Rio, a Barian?"

"No why?"

He turned to Rio. His eyes widened.


A girl with long blue hair sticking out, and white skin stood there looking at us. She had a green stone, along with a gold chain, on top of her head. Trey looked at the two of us.

"You didn't know she was a Barian?"

We didn't say anything.

"What happened? Is Nasch with you?!"

"Alit, calm down. She doesn't remember. If she did, she would've already told us."

Rio sighed.

"Let's go."

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