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Pen Your Pride

chapter 1

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Mayor Bryan is giving information about the annual survival

game, which is held in Upper town for many generations. The

participants are all criminals from prison. The winner of

the tournament will win back his liberty and much more.


Welcome to our annual survival game

In which the worse criminal of all

generations are forced to fight

each other. We are happy to

announce you that this year we have

10 terrifying criminal ever known

to mankind.

The crowd applauds with incredible excitement!


These 10 participants are:

#1 Keven, also known as whitebeard.

Keven is a cocaine dealer and also

a big consumer himself. He used to

sniff so much cocaine that it use

look like a white beard and that’s

how he got his nickname.

#2 Prince, he got a life sentence

in jail for killing 300 people in

the school and most of the victims

were students.

#3 T-Bo, he’s a bodybuilder that

killed a noble from the Upper town

and took all his wealth.

#4 Bali, a Politician from Upper

town that stole people’s money.

#5 Krish, he is an expert in

explosive who killed over 500

people with C4.

#6 George, he kidnapped and

violated over 20 women.

#7 Munir, He’s an illegal diamond


#8 Bouzian, He’s a bath salt dealer

that was found on the road eating 2

women and a child.

#9 Matt Lavoie, He cheated on the

stock market and won 20 billions

dollar in one night.

Mayor Bryan took a long breath.

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