Chapter 2 ~ Filler

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Chapter 2 ~ Filler

Chanelle POV

The sun goes down, the stars come out
And all that counts is here and now
my universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came,
I’m glad you came....

I groaned as I heard Glad You Came (Erika David) played through my alarm clock. I turned over and seen it was 5:30 a.m. I slowly rolled out of the bed and made it. I laid out my outfit. I picked out a pink and blue half-shirt that says Love More with my black skinny jeans with the zipper at the bottom. I grabbed my pink flats and sat them on the floor underneath the outfit. I walked into my bathroom and showered. 

After I was dressed I unwrapped my hair and took my ‘weave’ brush and brushed gently. I added a touch of make up and lipgloss and took a picture. I grabbed my necessities. I trailed down the stairs and into the kitchen to see my Aunt Praylor sitting watching the news on the TV while eating her donut and coffee. She turned to look at me and smiled. 

Me- Morning.
Praylor- Good Morning baby. You look nice.
Me- Thanks auntie. Where’s Kaila?
Praylor- She’s sleep. I took her a bath and dressed her so she ready for Daycare. I packed her bag also. Oh your uniform for work is in the washer, so by the time you get her for lunch it’ll be ready for the dryer. I’ll come home on my lunch break and iron it do you’ll be ready for work.
Me- Thanks auntie.
Praylor- Your welcome now you have to get going. I bought both of you donuts bites, since your in a run.

I smiled generously at my aunt. She has been my rock and backbone along with my 2 year old daughter.

I went back upstairs and got Kaila. I put her in the car seat, grabbed our donuts, and kissed my aunt bye. I strapped Kaila into the back of my black Expedition and started towards the daycare.

Me- Okkae, bye Ms Burns. I’ll be back after school to pick her up.
 I said as I walked back to the front office of the daycare. Ms Burns smiled warmly.

Burns- Okay baby. Drive careful
Me- Yes Ma’am

 I got back in my truck and started to school.


Okkae....Next chapter will be better.

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