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11:13pm 16th December 2012

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They say 11:11 is a lucky time. But if you wait 2 minutes longer, your luck can change drastically. After all, 13 is said to be the unlucky number.

* * * * * *

As I pour myself a glass of water, a wave of nausea begins to curse through me and my vision is blurring as I look around the room. A mysterious young man I assume to be drunk, makes his way toward me. I turn to face the sink as the wave passes through me and slowly disappears. As I turn back to retrieve my drink, I notice the young man walk away whilst quickly and subtly stuffing something in his back pocket. I push the thought to the back of my mind and down my drink before I register the unusual colour of the water.

Immediately my vision darkens and my mind is clouded over by nothingness. As I fade out of consciousness my heart begins to race before slowing down again as I remember the last words my dad said to me as I left the house, "Remember Stephanie, large parties are not the best place for a 15 year old to be. Dangerous things can happen. Be careful and keep your eyes open." I remember these words and regret, as I realize the label on the bottle in the man’s back pocket, I let the poison of Cyanide consume me into darkness.


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