Shoey Highschool AU {Escape}.

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Joey's POV:

Joey: "I'm done. I'm done, I'm so fucking done, it's not even funny!"

I furiously threw handful after handful of my things into the large suitcase. I was three fourths of the way packed, when Brittany flung herself into my window. She had done this many times before, simply climbing up the tree next to my window and sneaking into my room.

Brittany: "Hey- Joey? What's wrong?! Your face is like beet red!"

She ran over to me and placed her hand on my cheek.

Brittany: "Oh my god your burning up! What's wrong?!"

Joey: "My mom." Suddenly, just thinking of her made my skin crawl. "I hate her. I hate her with all my heart, I hate her so much."

'Hate' wasn't a strong enough word to explain my emotions. To display them correctly. For the first time in my life, I wanted to slap my mother. I wanted to scream at her also, but I had wanted to scream at her many times before. Why the hell would she do this?! Why would she do this to me... to dad... To us?!

That thought brought the anger to a boiling rate and I was throwing everything in sight into suitcase.

Joey: "I hate her! I hate her! I hate her!" On each 'hate' I threw another item into the suitcase.

Brittany: "Joey stop saying that about your own mother!"

Joey: "It's the truth! She's a bitch ass skank ass hoe! She's a whore!" I spat every bad, wrong, terrible word I could think of as I fired a ball of clothes into the case.

Brittany: "CHILL OUT GIRL SCOUT!" She grabbed my wrist, but I shook her away and zipped up my suitcase. "WAIT!" She screamed.

Joey: "WHAT!?" She flinched back at how harsh my voice sounded, and I dulled my sharp tone a little. "What?!"

I could tell by Brittany's face there were two point two million thoughts buzzing around in her head, but she only uttered one.

Brittany: "W- where are you going?"

Joey: "As far away from my slut of a mother as possible."

Brittany: "Why?!"

The thought of what she did brought tears to my eyes and made me want to scream and pull my hair out. It made me want to puke and punch a wall. Punch a wall so hard there was a fist sized hole there and my knuckles bled. Hate. Hate was my only emotion.

Joey: "Doesn't matter." I stated, grabbing my wallet off my desk and shoving it in my pocket.

Brittany: "Joey please. I can't let you leave."

Joey: "Oh I'm leaving!"

Brittany: "NO! Have you even thought this through?! Did you think any of this through?!"

Her voice was cracking as she screamed. We were making SO much noise up here, but my mom was most likely too drunk to notice. No, I hadn't thought any of this through, but that wasn't the point.

Joey: "Brittany Joyal! I am leaving and I do not care what you, or my slutbag mother, or anyone else has to say about it! I'm getting out of this house, I'm getting out of this town, I'm getting out. You can't make me stay! You can't!" I screamed, my voice cracking in all the wrong places.

Brittany looked hurt, stung, wounded. I could see it in her eyes. I know it sounds really terrible but I didn't care. Hatred was fueling me. And I was taking it out on whoever was in my way.

Joey: "I'm thinking on my feet here." I said quietly.

Brittany: "Joey-"

Joey: "Brittany don't try and make me stay."

Brittany: "I'm not going to. You've made it pretty clear that my efforts would be pointless. I was going to ask... wherever your going... can I come with you?"

Her words took me by surprise and made me question my response. Of course I wanted her to come with. But all the pieces of the puzzle wouldn't fit together.

Joey: "Brittany I'm not going to let you leave your family."

Brittany: "Your leaving yours."

Joey: "The only person I'm leaving is my drunk whore mom; Nicole, Jett, and dad are in LA remember?" LA... dad... how would dad react to this? Wait... "LA! Brittany I'm going to California!"

Brittany: "California." She laughed. It wasn't a mean laugh, or a funny laugh, it was a laugh of disbelief. "How's that gonna work out Girl Scout?"

How was that going to work out? I had no money to buy a plane ticket, and my mom had spent all her money on booze. I didn't have a car to get me anywhere. That's why Brittany drove me to school-

Joey: "I'm going to drive there."

Brittany: "In what car?"

Joey: "Yours."

Brittany: "Ah! So you have to let me come!"

Joey: "I couldn't possibly make you stay." She gave me a stubborn crooked smile.

Brittany: "I'm going to pack."

Joey: "Wait!" I grabbed her arm, just as she was turning away. "Are you sure you want to run away from your family?"

Brittany: "Joey this isn't Mulan, I'm not running away. I'm going to tell them I'm coming to live with you in California, and they are going to let me ."

Joey: "Really?"

Brittany: "They trust me... as long as your dad would let me stay with you, him, Nicole and Jett."

Joey: "Of course he would."

Brittany: "Okay then. Don't leave without me." She smiled again as I released my grip on her arm.

Joey: "I can't. Your my ride." She laughed evilly and flung herself out the window and onto the tree, sliding back down the branch. I watched as she took off down the road to her house.


Hi! So this is my Shoey Highschool AU. Obviously, I hoped you liked it because it's one of my Christmas gifts to you guys! So merry Christmas! Love you, VIRTUAL HUGS... BYE!

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