I quickly jump out of the way as something flies through my vision. It lodges itself in the cave wall, inches from my face, although I feel a long cut across my forehead. I yank it out of the rock and quickly examine the sharp object. It seems normal, black and shiny, except as my fingers caress the shaft I come across one white word printed on the fletching that sends chills down my spine.


I throw the arrow aside, grab my pack and push Katniss out of the cave.

"Move, Catnip. We have to move!" I say with such urgency that she doesn't question me, instead following me as we bound down the small hill, arrows flying past our bodies as we splash into the river. Quickly wading deeper into the stream, Katniss shouts over to me.

"Gale we have to get out of this... this... ambush?" she says, her statement sounding more like a question. Although it may look like an ambush, there is no way that a Tribute in this arena would have THAT many arrows. So many in fact, that it might as well be a...

"A wall! Catnip it's a wall!" I scream to my right as I jump out of the water, my lower body soaking wet. I turn around to help her out of the stream. When her hand clasps mine, I get a shock of electricity even at the small things like a handhold. As cliché as it sounds, she really has her effect on people. Or just me.

My lips slightly turn upward as Katniss hauls herself out of the steady current with ease. I turn around and start to run when I hear a blood curling scream. Panicked, I whip around to see Katniss unconscious, her hair damp and sticking to her face. A single black arrow sticks out from right above her left ankle. I rush over to her, ignoring the tens of arrows flying everywhere. I'm merely inches away from death but I don't care. My hands rip out the arrow despite Katniss' whimper. As much as it breaks my heart, I HAVE to see what it says. My eyes quickly scan the body of the arrow.


My heart sinks, the good feelings have all but diminished. 

"Kid. KID!" Haymitch says after the crackle.

"Y-yeah?" I say, close to tears.

"She's not dead! That cannon hasn't gone yet. If you move your butt fast enough, we will have enough time to heal her." he growls. Immediately, I get to my feet and pick her up, bridal-style and run, trying not to look back. It's not that she's heavy, it's the bags. I didn't realize how much things we carry until now.

I burst into the woods, my eyes frantically searching for any possible way to wiggle Katniss and I out of this situation. As soon as I stop, an arrow finds it's way below my calf. I let out a slight whimper, but look down to find the word it carries.


I tilt my head, confused as several more arrows jut out from the ground beside me.


Ripping out the arrow from my skin, my eyes land on the one the just arrived.


I almost scream in fear as I let my feet bound effortlessly deeper into the woods. The sedating aroma of pine needles has no effect on me just yet as I notice the number of arrows decreasing. My body feels like giving in as I travel further into the forest until I'm sure we will stumble upon the Cornucopia soon. I refuse to go any further and so does my body as fatigue begins to take over. An arrow caresses my cheek as a long cut is made on the right side of my face. The wound wakes me up a little and I quickly pick a willow tree, and carefully lay Katniss at the base of it.

"Catnip. S-stay with me please." I whimper. Right now, I don't care if anyone thinks I'm weak. I'm weak and my weakness is Katniss, get over it.

I see the last arrow heading straight towards Katniss. Drawing my string back, I deflect it with my bow as it drops weakly to the ground before my feet. I read the final word.

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