Chapter three

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Having met everyone, I started to get settled. I pulled everything out of my bag and put my clothes in my trunk. Travis showed me how to trap it so that no one could take my stuff. After I was done with that, a horn sounded. "Alright Hermes cabin! line up!" Connor called. Travis led me to the back and stayed with me, explaining everything.

"Campers! We have a new girl in our midst, Ina? please stand up. " Chiron said after pounding his hoof for silence. I stood up, shakily, all eyes on me. Travis squeezed my hand lightly for support. Some of the girls from the Demeter cabin were looking at me jealously. I smirked in return.

After introductions were made and everyone had eaten, we all filed to the campfire for songs. It was SO WEIRD!

When that was over, Travis came up to me and said," I really like you, Ina. I'm just afraid you don't feel the same way and-" I cut him off mid-sentence by suddenly wrapping my arms around him.


A little romance there huh?

If you want more stuff like that PLEASE let me know! I also need some help with a ship name for them, if you could help me out! thanks!

~little Louis


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