Chapter 2. The library

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Chapter 2: The library

So I get to the library to find it completely empty

'Wow, so much for reading' I say sarcastically seeing the old librarian asleep

'Ma'am, ma'am'

"Wha-what?" The old frail voice coming from the lady says

'Um yes I would like to know where the section for current articles is, I need to do some research on someone'

"Like who sunny?"

'Harry Styles' I smile as I see the old lady cringes at the words

"Oh um in the back" she says as she points to the dusty back corner that doesn't even seem like part of the library

'Thank you ma'am'

"Welcome sunny, you just be careful tho, I heard he got out of prison today. Don't go chasing him" she laughed as she walked into the back room that said 'no general public'

'Hhmp time to get reading" I say as I head over and see a huge book on notorious criminals and their stories.

'Harry Edward Styles, Harry Edward Styles' I say while searching the glossary

'Ah Harry Edward Styles!' I say finding his story on page six hundred and sixty six

'666' I say to myself as I flop open the book and see a picture of his face right there with a few baby pictures

"Harry Edward Styles" it reads above the huge paragraph to come which makes me ever more interested

"Harry Edward Styles the notorious London abductor"

"Harry Styles murders again"

"Harry! The new killer on the block"

"Hide your children! hide your wife! lock your windows! there's a young boy on the lose and he has a taste for blood!"

The many headlines read just as I dove into the chapter

"Harry styles was a young boy from around the London area, he grew up in A lovely home with his mother Ann, his sister Gemma, and his step father who chose not to release his name. Harry was very close to his family, he loved them, cherished them, and protected them til the age of 18 when everything went down hill. Harry began in trouble at the age of 15 with a robbery, and a few beatings, and so began his trek into the criminal world. By 18 Harry had already been known for beating two women and a young boy but went to rehab for "mental illness" when he got out he got a lovely girlfriend by the name Cara Delevigne, she was a pretty model and not much older then Harry but she disappeared on their date in the very famous "city that never sleeps. New York, New York" she was last seen in Times Square getting into a cab with Mr. Styles at midnight then was never found again. Mr. Styles has also been known for a few other beatings and abductions in London, New York, Hollywood, and Miami. No further information can be released at this time..."

'What why?' I questioned while being wide eyed at what I just read

'when was this published?' I said as I turned the book in my hands and found the date "Feb 1st, 2012" the date read

'So about 10 months ago' I said putting the book back on the shelf checking the time

'8 o'clock' I see while I get up and head for the door

'Well I must head home, see ya later ma'am' I say with a wave

"See you later sunny, and be careful I heard that Mr. Styles is a Wiley one" she says with a frightened smile

'Ok ill be careful. Thank you for the help'

"No problem sunny feel free to come back any time" I hear while walking out the old 100 year old doors

'We can take the long way, I gotta think about this..." I think as I walk down the road and into the the cold London air watching my back for this Mr. Styles that could be just around the corner...

And so begins my journey...

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