$$$Chapter 28$$$


After Lyndsey and Niall came back, I decided to check on them. I knocked on the door.

"Come in." Niall said. I go in.

"Hi Harry." Lyndsey says quietly.

"What's wrong?" I ask. She's usually so hyper.

"Everything." she groans. I go sit next to her on the bed.

"Wanna talk?" I offer her.

"No, but thanks." she declines.

"Let's go out back." Niall suggests. "Maybe we can go swimming."

"Let's swim at night. They're having a party tonight so Hope, you, Niall, and I could sneak out and welcome the New Year in the hot tub." Lyndsey suggests. We all agree even though it's cold. I get up to leave.

"Where are you going?" Niall asks.

"Downstairs." I reply.

"Stay here." Lyndsey says.

"Ok," I agree. For an hour or so, Niall and I play on our phones and Lyndsey switches between the iPad, Mac, and iPhone. Then Hope comes in and joins us on her Dell laptop and Samsung Galaxy 3. Thirty minutes later, Niall and I are watching football (American soccer). We lounge around in Lyndsey's room for a few hours, then a maid enters the room.

"What is it?" Lyndsey asks the maid.

"Miss Lyndsey, Mr. McCade has requested all of your presences at supper." the maid says.

"Why doesn't he come up here and get us on his own?" I ask. The maid scowls at me.

"Yea," Niall says, "Tell him to come up here himself."

"I'm not going down." Hope says.

"You can go now." Lyndsey tells the maid harshly. After she leaves, Lyn comes over and sits in between Niall and I.

"Hey Princess." Niall says. I feel a pang of jealousy. Sure, Bri and I are dating, but I still have feelings for Lyndsey. She smiles.

"What are you playing." she asks us.

"Call of Duty." I say.

"Oh," she says "Thank you both." she kisses Niall on the cheek. Then, she kisses my cheek. I look at her, and she smiles. I smile back and quickly return to the game. What was that for? Did she know what I was thinking? Does she also have feelings for me? No, it was just a thank you. Or was it? Suddenly, the door busts open.

"Why didn't you all come downstairs when I sent for you?" Lyndsey's dad roared.

"Because you sent for us." Lyndsey said.

"We aren't animals, sir." Niall says. I was surprised at how well he restrained himself. He usually curses a lot.

"I'm starting to think that you aren't making a very good influence on my daughter." Mr. McCade says. That's Niall's cue to stop, but he doesn't. He gets defensive about their relationship.

"Oh what, and you are?" Niall asks.

"You're lucky I didn't just kick you out of my house." Lyndsey's dad says warningly.

"You kick him out, I'm leaving." I say, putting the controller down.

"Me too." Hope says.

"I refuse to stay here without any one of my friends." Lyndsey says, folding her arms.

"Just come down to dinner." he says.

"I didn't hear a please." Lyndsey taunts.

"Do it, or starve." her dad says before walking out of the room.

"So," she says "Raise your hand if you hate my dad." We all raise our hands.

"Isn't he having a party tonight." Hope asks.

"Yea, he claims that it's for my birthday." Lyndsey says.

"We should sabotage it." I suggest.

"Good idea." Niall says. "But can we eat first?"

"You're always hungry mate." I laugh.

"Hey, lay off." Lyndsey jokes "I like a man who can eat." We all laugh and Niall kisses Lyndsey's cheek. We all go downstairs into the large eating room. It's huge. Longer than a limo, wider than three. We all sit at one end of the table. Justin and Samantha sit at the other. From left to right is Hope, Lyndsey (at the head of the table), Niall, then I. An appetiser comes out. Salad. Niall laughs quietly so only I can hear. He's more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. We all eat in silence with the occasional scrape of forks and knives on the golden plated plates. We drink sweet tea. Apparently, it's been Lyndsey's favourite drink for her entire life. Next, maids bring out plates with a 4 pieces of lamb chops on each. I look at our side of the table and see Lyndsey and Hope whispering quietly to each other.

"Rather delicate here aren't they?" Niall whispers to me. I smile and nod. The sound of the harpist fills the room. I have a feeling that this isn't a one night thing. They probably hear the harp at every supper.

"So, how's touring so far?" Samantha asks.

"Nice." Hope says.

"What's the coolest thing you've seen?" she questions.

"Empire State Building." Niall says. He and Lyndsey smile at each other. I think they went on a date up there.

"That was fun." Lyndsey says.

"What's the most interesting country you've been to?" she asks again.

"Um, I'm not sure. Brazil is nice." I say.

"Justin, what are you doing in America? I remember, before you left, you were in charge of all of the places where they design cars for Chevy." Lyndsey says.

"Now, I'm the CEO of all of the Chick-Fil-A's in America." Justin says.

"Ever been to Nando's?" Niall asks.

"What's that?" Justin asks.

"Seriously? You don't know what Nandos is?" Niall exclaims.

"Doesn't ring a bell." Samantha says.

"What the hell have you been doing your entire life?!" he questions. Justin looks offended and Sam looks shocked. Lyndsey leans over to Niall.

"Bad choice of words babe." she whispers loud enough for this end of the table to hear. Niall's face makes an "o" shape.

"He's been holding back." I say.

"I know, but it'd be nice if you could hold back a little longer babe." Lyndsey tells him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to say that." Niall tells the host and hostess.

"It's fine, just don't let it happen again." Sam says. Niall nods in agreement. Justin is about to say something, but Samantha cuts him off. After we finish the main course, maids switch the plates with plates with chocolate chip cake, Carmel, and ice cream on them. We don't talk much because the desert is delicious. As soon as we finish, we get up and go our separate ways. Niall, Hope, Lyndsey, and I all go upstairs to plan our attack at the party. This is going to be great.

Author's Note

I guess this was a little boring. Sorry.

I need inspiration!

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