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I arrived at Ellen and got change into a fancier outfit I was just about to go on but before I did I had to text Camilla

to Camilla
can you please get Rachel to watch Ellen right now thanks!xx

and a few seconds later my phone buzzed

from Camilla
yea sure no problem xx

please welcome.demi lovato I heard Ellen say and I walked out with skyscraper playing I hugged Ellen and we sat down.

" So how have you been demi?" she asked

"pretty good"I replied

" how you feeling being back from your eroupe tour?"she asked..

"yea it was amazing I'm so lucky to have fans sorry lovatics all over the world I'm so greatful towards them"I answered back smiling.

" so demi if you don't mind me asking have you found a special someone?"Ellen asked

"I'm actually glad you asked that"I smiled back


me Lauren and Camilla were just sitting watching the end if nemo when Camilla got a text "hey rach turn on Ellen"she told me "Kay why?" I asked turning the channel "just"she replied then once I watched it it was demi on.

Ellen was just asking a few questions about the Eroupe tour when Ellen asked "so if you don't mind me asking have you met someone special?" demi smiled "I'm actually glad you asked that

"hey this should be good"Lauren groaned but I just sshed her

"yeah?why so" Ellen asked

"well I did meet someone in Ireland and I fell truly in love with them I am still in love with them that I asked her live with me which happend"demi smiled "so who's the lucky fella?"Ellen asked

"well that's the part that I got to tell ya and my lovatics.. many people know in the past I've been with some jerks but this person is so so special to me and I love and trust them to pieces and I love them so much I'm about to show them"demi told Ellen I cant believe she's doing this for me this could change her carer

"Ellen the person I love is not a boy but a girl how I'm madly in love with and her name is Rachel!" she smiled the crowed was whispering "wait so are you bisexual demi?"Ellen asked "yes yea I am " demi answered "and who else have you told?"she asked "my parents sisters and best friend" demi replied

"so is this the first your lovatics hear if this?"Ellen asked "yea it is and if there the lovatics I know and love that will stand by me because we're family and that's what family's do" demi replied and by that point j was in tears I can't believe she just did that.

"give it up for demi lovato" Ellen annouced and demi walked of and I picked up my phone straight away.

To Demi<3
I Love You!xxx

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