Chapter 9

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The walk to the restaurant was in complete silence.

The only comfort I had was Harry's hand.

I guess I failed to mention that crucial information a time or two.

It might've been handy.

"Louis honey, it's great to see you!" a tall, dark haired woman stands up from a table set for six. Each boy takes turns hugging and exchanging the normal kiss per cheek routine with her that I have yet to become accustomed with. After Harry greets the woman he stands back leaving me in full view of this stranger. "Oh my. You look-".

"Mum, this is Emma. Emma, this is my mother, Johannah Poulston." Louis introduces us.

"I'm sorry. It's just that your eyes look so-" she breaks off, searching for the lost word, "-familiar. That's all." She must have seen the look of confusion on my face.

She ushers is to sit down at the table. "Excuse me sir, we're going to need an extra chair, menu, and set of utensils please." The waiter nods and returns shortly with my things. "So boys, it's been far too long. How has it been?"

"Extremely exhausting but completely worth it." Niall says.

Louis' mum look at her phone, an odd look flashes across her face as she clicks her phone off. "I see. Well boys, are you ready to order?" She looks up as if nothing has happened.

"Are we ever!" Zayn exclaims.

"Hey I was gonna say that!" Niall says.

"We're all hungry here." Liam states.

"I can see that." The waiter says. "Who's first?" he takes orders starting with Louis then to Louis' mum and Zayn on one end then over to Harry, me and Niall on the other. Harry and Louis are sitting across from each other, I from Louis' mum and Liam from Zayn. "I shall have your orders out right away."

"You know, I've never quite understood why they say that." I try to spark up some sort of conversation after that awkward introduction when the waiter leaves.

"Your accent." Louis' mum points out. "You're American?"

"I am."


"I'm sorry. I can't do this. Boys, I should have told you this in the beginning. I'm sorry Ms.Poulston."

"Please, call me Jay."


"And don't worry about me being confused. Louis has filled me in with the situation."

"He has?" I shoot a side ways glance at him.

"He has. We're quite close." She lifts he phone up, smiles at Louis and motions for me to continue where I left off.

"As I was saying, I should've told you Delilah was my sister."

"It's ok. Although you don't look all that much alike." Harry says as he squeezes my hand for reassurance.

"Excuse me. Your food has arrived." I wait until all the food has been set down and the waiter leaves before I continue.

"Here's another doozie," I pause. "I was adopted." You might as well have told everyone someone just died. That's the look they had on their face, especially Jay. "I never knew my real parents, they put me up for adoption soon after I was born."

"Do you at least know what orphanage? Maybe we can try to track them." Zayn asks. They all seem far more interested thank I thought they would be.

"It was St. Mary's Home For The Lost here in Manchester. That's not necessary though. I figured if they wanted to know what happened to me, they would've tried to get in touch with me."

"Maybe they tried but could never reach you?" Jay looks on the verge of tears, along with the rest of the boys. I'm close to it myself.

"I doubt it. Plus if they ever tried it's not like my adopted parents would ever tell me." I roll my eyes and play with my chips- er fries.

"Let me just start from the beginning. So Renae and George, my adopted parents, found out that they couldn't have kids. Renae wanted a child so bad. Well on December 26, 1991, I was two days old, George and Renae adopted me. Three years after they welcomed me into their home Renae found out she was pregnant. Nine months later Delilah, their little miracle baby, was born and I was once again forgotten. She has been the treasured child ever since. She gets what she wants and I'm forced to be the 'successful' one in the family. They used to beat me and one day Dee saw them. Ever since them, we've been best friends. She's saved my butt almost every time I got in trouble after that. She was always there for me. George and Renae wanted someone to boss around and that certainly wasn't going to be their little angel. So while they let Dee do whatever she pleased I was forced to take all advanced classes plus extra schooling after school. Dee wanted to go to public school, they let her but feared it would be too corrupt for my brain so they sent me to private school. When I made a low A, they threatened to send me away to boarding school. I couldn't let that happen, I didn't want to loose my best friend."

"Oh honey I am so sorry." Jay wipes away a stray tear that has escaped her eye and reaches for my hand across the table.

"It's no big deal. It happened almost 22 years ago." I shrug my shoulders and put a chip in my mouth.

"It is a big deal though. I should've looked for you. It's all my fault." She whimpers.

"It's not your fault. Wait you what?" I look at her in complete and utter shock.

"Mum. What's going on?" Louis look just as confused as me.

"I should've told you sooner honey. You have a sister. A twin to be exact."

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