Chapter 5:


Reaves POV:

I'm here, in the capital. Waiting for my turn to have the interview with Caesar Flickerman. Right now it's District 6's turn. The second girl is now on, this is taking forever!

Anyway, I'm wearing a beautifully designed dress that looks like leaves; it goes from bright green leaves to yellow then orange then red. Like the Autumn leaves in District 7. It's strapless and I'm wearing red high heels that are quite tall. I've got on nude coloured lipstick and the smoky effect for my eye shadow. For earrings they are dangling and have a single leaf with the same colours as my dress.

"And now, let's give a warm welcome for... Reave Sliverson!" Caesar says pointing his hand towards me as I walk on stage. He grabs my hand and pulls me towards the chair, sitting me down.

"So, Reave. I have to say you look absolutely beautiful! Who is your stylist?" he asks, slowly turning his head back to the crowd and looking around as if to look for my stylist. "Thank-you, and her names Moon."

"Well, I must say she's done a fantastic job! Did she do it for any certain someone back home in District 7?" Caesar teasingly asks me. "No, I loved what she did with the dress though." I calmly reply. "Really, with a personality like yours, you must have quite a few. "Well, I do have one friend, but I haven't seen her until a couple of days ago. She, umm well, she lives in a different District." I reply keeping my head slightly bowed. "Really? And who would this be exactly?" He asks, truly intrigued, the crowd leaning in waiting for my answer...

"Torri Koltin!" I say just as the alarm goes signalling that it's the end of my interview.



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