Sleepy time

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Theresa's P.O.V

As i woke up i looked around for jason nothing. i tried calling him right to voice message so i called harley hoping she knew where he was "heloo?" i heard her voice as i spoke "Wheres Jason? do you know?" i say softly "No last time i checked he was with you" she said smoothly "Damnit! i need him here with me:(" i tell her as i start tearing up. "Its okay babes what me and Carter to come over?" she says "Yes. I-i-i need Jason" i start to cry "Ill be over their as soon as i can babe hold on" and with that she hangs up. Where is he? What if hes cheating on me? Omg i just cant i have 1000 thoughts running around in my head when all the sudden my phone rings i clear my throat and wipe away my tears as i answer "H-hello" "Is this Theresa McCall? Jason Maccanns Girlfriend?" i hear a deep males voice say my heart skips a beat or two "Yes. Whats it too you? Where is he?" i say harshly "Take it easy now. he is alright. well kinda if you want him you need to come down to the court house to get him all he did was miss a court date" the man said calmly "Okay okay ill be their in like 10 minutes dont take him ANYWHERE!!!" and with that i hung up! i could barley stand so i called Carter "Hey i know where jason is come get me andill explain everything in the car!" i hung up andwobbled my way to Mine and Jasons room to change. About 15 minutes later i watch as my door flies open In comes Carter and Harley 'Ayye babes you ready?" carter says while picking me up "yessss now off to the car" i say while i have one arm up pointing to the door. we finally get to the Court house and i seejason i wobble my way over to him and jump into his arms "Omg babe im so sorry for leaving you i had no choice' he says to me with tears in his eyes 'Its okay babe i understand you just gotta be more carful with this kimd of stuff" i say my head in the crease of his neck OMG HE SMELLS SO GOOOD!! "Okay babe i no lets go home now" he smiles at me and makes me weak. "Kay"

Jasons P.O.v

We all make it back to Mine and Theresas house, and we sit in the livingroom harley and carter are like full on makingout! "God get a room, guys" they dont even stop all i know now is Carter is giving me THE BIRD! "man fuck off!" i say to him as i get mad! Jason caulm down. I sit on the coutch by Theresa and put my arm around her shes so gorgouse "babe wanna go to the room?" i say as i kiss her on the cheek "Sure i wanna lay down and watch a movie" she says standing up."Okay babe ill race you!" i run up the stairs as fast as i can. She beats me. I let her win DUHH. i flop on the bed and tell her to pick a movie. She puts in Justin Biebers Never Say Never. man i hate that dude why does she like him so much UGGH "Babe why this movie?" i say as i roll my eyes "Because he is soooooooo hottttt!!" she says while tilting her head back "And im not? i seehow it is-.-" i say turning around facing the wall "Babe he looks like you thats why i think hes hot and pluse your not even close to beinghot your sexy!" i smile and kiss her. she always makes me feel better. she cuddles up too me and we fall fast asleep:D

Carters p.O.V

So me and Harley are full on makingout she is sitting on top of me and EVERYTHING i love it! 'Carter lets stop i dont wanna go too far' she says while getting off of me "Aww man okay babe i understand" i say and we lay down and cuddle till we fall asleep<3

Thanks guys for everything hope you love the story it's gonna have a lot of surprising things ;)

Theresa ;)

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