Broken Beats of Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Why is that Bryce had to be the unlucky human being who got onto Drake and Tessa’s bad side? Why couldn’t she have had a misunderstanding with any other person, who wasn’t as popular, rude or pompous? It seemed luck really was against her, because by second period everyone person, including the teachers had heard about her pinning down Drake with a few swift moves. Instead of appreciating the fact she stood up herself against that pompous ass, she couldn’t even walk down the hallway without someone shoving or calling her very rude words, words that left her chest aching and made herself question if she was those horrid things before slapping herself out of her state of self-pity.

“Go back to where you came from, army brat.” A voice snarls to her as they knock into her shoulder causing her to lose balance and fall backwards onto her bottom. Hissing she stands slowly, taking her bag with her, blinking rapidly. Casting her eyes down to the floor, she avoids the cold stares of the student body as they snicker at what had just occurred. Pushing through the through the circle that had gathered around her, she races through the crowd and bursts into the bathrooms before letting her tears fall. She could usually handle this. She had spent eight years handling this.

So why was she crying? How stupid was this, letting strangers whose opinions mean hardly anything to her drag her down.

She’d wanted a new start she realised. A place where she could fit in and be accepted for who she was instead of being taunted and dragged down to the lowest of the low, but instead of life repaying her for everything it has put her through, it’s decided to make things much worse, much worse. Maybe there was something wrong with her, because it seemed wherever she went, people couldn’t seem to stop hurting her or grinding her under their boot.

Did anyone expect her to put up with all of this, she really hoped not. Leaning against the sink she stares into the mirror studying her face and clothes. She really did stand out like a sore thumb. Girls didn’t flatten their chests, they strived to showcase their breasts. Girls wore colourful, bright and shapely shirts and dresses with equally enticing skirts which exhibited their long tan legs but boring old Bryce hid any trace of her womanhood with long army print pants and a black shirt which was neither baggy or tight, but showed off nothing but her shoulders.

Maybe if she changed herself, made herself prettier they may like her. No that’s stupid, completely and utterly ridiculous. She didn’t need to change her appearance to prove anything to anyone. If no one wanted to befriend her because she wore boring unappealing clothing, then they really weren’t worth her time.

“Bryce, are you-” Kristy came barging through the door, obviously quiet worried as she ran her hands through her messy hair. “Oh there you are, what are you… are you crying?” Turning away from her, Bryce quickly lifts her arms and roughly wipes the tears from her eyes and cheeks before turning back to Kristy who had moved to stand closer to Bryce.

“I'm alright.” She spoke hoarsely, trying not to worry Kristy even more.

“You don’t to be alright so tell me, what’s on your mind?”

“Everyone hates me… I was only standing up for myself, he wanted the chair I had claimed way before anyone else had stepped into the classroom beside the teacher and I thought that was hardly fair, you know? I’ll never escape it.” Tears begin to fall down her cheeks once again which Bryce rushes to wipe away, sniffling slightly.

“I don’t hate you, I swear it’ll all blow over sooner or later. Drake is a douche, I am surprised to know that he’s even related to me and what do you mean escape it?” Kristy snorts when she calls Drake a douche, as if it isn’t a strong enough word causing Bryce to chuckle.

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