My Christmas Gift - Miel x Anna

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My Christmas Gift

Pairings - Miel x Anna

Note: This scene happened after their class trip. I added some descriptive ‘sneak peek’ about their class trip. You can read the exact scenes (CLASS TRIP) soon. ^^~

[Evil Yohanna says: I’m tempted to add BL scenes here. Since MielxAnna is a wholesome pairing, I tried to keep my mind away from the gutter while doing this. Hahaha. Tsk. Sayang. However, I put a very tempting sexual/romantic tension between the both of them so I think I did my job quite well.] /gg

This one-shot is made for Christmas. This got nothing to do with the flow of the main plot. Don’t you worry, I’m doing the chapter ___ now.

Petchi-chan, this is for you! I got inspired kasi. Tinigil ko muna ung isa, dahil namimiss ko na sila Miel at Anna. Hahaha. <3

Merry Christmas!

We celebrate Christmas because of our Savior, right? Since Anna is a Japanese, I think… well, I’m sorry if someone would be offended with the details that I’ve included. I think this is a sensitive topic so… Just for safety measure though.


This is connected with the Chapter 13: Usual Chatting

Narration: This will be her first time spending Christmas time alone – without her parents and brothers by her side. True, they’re not fond of celebrating the occasion in Japan, but they still spend the time together. Not this time, however, since there was a tragic incident occurred, causing her parents to be gone and she’s currently residing on a foreign country. With her guards on the side.

They were now having their Christmas break. Most of the times, Anna spends her idle time in front of her laptop, chatting Miel or trying to ignoring her brother’s frequent chats and calls. If not, she was doing her daily routine for living. Buying foods and required spices in the 24-hour convenience store, trying to make herself presentable by skimming all over the malls nearby and buy things she needed the most. Lastly, working hard on her Filipino vocabularies in the process. Over all, she was stuck inside her temporary home doing those things over and over again.

Now, the time has come. Today is the day all of the people in the country are waiting for.

Christmas Eve.

People are now busy preparing their usual feast, spending the time with their family and all. Ryuuro asked if she was all right spending the Christmas day alone, since all of her guards are currently spending their own business with themselves. All that she could answer was yes. It cannot be helped, right? Since her brother is busy with his own business as well, he couldn’t fly to Anna’s place and spend the time with her. Not that she wanted it, but being alone when everybody is together is not a pleasant feeling.

So how would she spend her Christmas time?



December 25, 2013 / 8:30pm

“524 pesos po lahat.”

“Etou…”  I skimmed my wallet to look for the exact amount and frowned when I found nothing. I let out a 1000 bill instead and offered it to the counter girl.

“I received 1000,” She accepted it, moving both her hands upwards to see the shadow of the money. Or something, I have no idea why she was doing that. She smiled at me, opened the counter and gave out my change. I offered my palm as she counted it. “476 po ang change niyo.”

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