Dumb Ways To Die

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    Hey...You know that song Dumb Ways To Die? Well I wanna list all the dumbest ways to die so that people know not to ever do it. Or we can give suicidal people ideas... Feel free to add it in the comments, and If I like it I will add it to my list and give you credit. 

                                                    DUMB WAYS TO DIE


- Jump off a cliff for no reason.

- Drink Poison, even if it's for a loved one...unless your like a demigod or something.

- Take a sword and chop off your legs and bleed until you die.

- Get into a car when you have no clue how to drive.

- "Play with fire" You know what I mean.

- Ask someone to shoot you for no reason.

- Get into a fight with Voldemort...with no wand.

- Do something stupid to get a life in prison and slowly rot...

- Stab. Yourself. In. The. Heart.

- Insult Annabeth or Hermoine or both about their intelligence.

- Piss off your Math Teacher, or your Potions Teacher

- Go to a One Direction Concert. *shudder*

- Get into the middle of a war and just stand there.

- Get bad grades and then show your parents.

-Stand in the same room as Kronos and Voldemort.

- IDK! My brain isn't working...help

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