Midnight Memories (a One Direction Fanfiction)

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I've been living with my brother Louis for pretty much my whole life. Yes, Louis Tomlinson, the goofball from One Direction. Our prents died when I was a few weeks old and there wasn't anywhere else to go.

Sorry let me introduce myself. My names Lucy Isabelle Tomlinson, my brother Louis is in the worlds biggest boy band called One Direction, I'm 12 years old, my favorite colors blue, my birthday is October 13, 2001, I was born on Friday the 13th (creepy right), and I have no parents.

Louis told me that my parents were murdered, but if it's true, the creep that killed my parents is still on the loose. Louis and I never did understand why he/she did it. I spend an hour everynight thinking about it.

Ever since my 8th birthday I've had the same dream (nightmare) every night. It's about a scary figure killing Louis and I on our walk we took everynight when I was little. I'm always waking up at exactly midnight. Louis' use to it so I tell him just ignore me.

One night Lucy's nightmares come to reality.

Will Lucy and the boys survive?

Will their lives change forever?

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