Happy New Year! (chap 9)

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Although Bonita's legs held through her wonderful climax, a few seconds later her eyes closed, her body went limp, and her legs starting folding up. And as they did she slowly draped forward and slid downward. As she slipped down her very wet and creamy peach led the way. First, it simply pressed right against Joe's face. Then, as her legs spread apart, it landed on the top of his chest and began slipping over his muscles. Following that was his stomach, and finally she stopped with it nestled right in his black pubic hair.  

Naturally, her voluptuous body followed. Her tummy, and then her breasts slowly came down on Joe's head and rubbed him softly until they stopped...breasts against chest, tummy against stomach.  

Her head lay softly on his shoulder with her lips against his neck. She whispered "oh my god! I've never felt anything so good in my life!" And then Joe was sure she fell asleep.  

Bonita did not fall asleep though. Instead she just relaxed and recovered from the extremely pleasure filled workout. She also enjoyed the position she ended up in, so why move? Joe's body felt so warm as it pressed against hers. Her breasts felt like the hot marshmallows in smores. Her arms were relaxed around his neck. Her legs were tucked up again, but for her it was a very comfortable position. Best of all, she could feel his soft curly pubic fur rubbing right between her thighs. And on top, or should I say behind that, she felt his still-hard erection pressing through the flannel against the center of her tight butt.  

Time passed. It seemed like forever to Joe, but it was only about five minutes before he felt Bonita stir. But when she did stir...OMG! She simply took one arm off his neck, reached down behind her and pulled his pajamas down off of his stiff rod. Then she began softly stroking the bottom of it...running her fingers over the tip...then down all the way until she played gently with his balls. And the whole time, she kissed his neck. It was enough to make a man come...but she didn't let him do THAT so quickly.  

Even though she had already climaxed, Bonita was definitely beginning to feel the tingles once again. It was probably Joe's soft fur rubbing and tickling her sweet spot. But it may have also been the feel of his excitement. At any rate, she began to squirm backwards on his lap. And as she did, she pushed his thick sausage down so it would slip right up between her thighs...more specifically, right between the wet lips of her newly excited peach. And when it was positioned just right, she used her slick tight slit to stroke his long thick meat. And wow, did it feel good! But it was still not what she had in mind.  

After getting Joe to the point he was lifting her up with his excited thrusts, Bonita made another move. But instead of just letting him slid up inside her as you might expect, she slid all the way down off his knees, and onto her own. Once down, she leaned forward and without using her hands, she began toying with Joe again. This time she used her lips to lightly brush up and down. When she reached the tip, she slipped her mouth fully over his big mushroom and sucked lightly. When she reached his balls, she used her tongue to lift them and roll them around.  

As Joe got more and more excited, his hips lifted further and further off the couch. As Bonita's excitement grew, she slipped her mouth further and further down over his pulsing shaft. Soon she felt him fill her mouth and throat with each new stroke. Her lips tightened and formed a round seal to suck him all the way there. Her hand began to play with his balls. She felt him pulsing against her tongue as it slipped up and down the bottom of his tasty meat. And then suddenly she felt him pulse extremely hard! She also felt his hips lift way up to get his shaft fully into her throat. She knew what was coming...Joe! And when he did, she held on as tightly as possible. First one shot, then two, and then many more as his hot white cream was pumped into her mouth. It tasted musky, but she liked it. And she swallowed every drop!  

When it was over, she slowly licked Joe clean, then crawled up between his thighs and laid against him once again. Now it was his turn to relax...before it all started again!

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