Chapter Sixteen

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Recover Chapter- Sixteen

"You will fucking listen to me!" My throat was forced to be tightened. Tears fell over my eyelids. It was shoved into me hard. I could feel myself bleeding terribly.

I had no control whatsoever. I tried to contain my screams so I would earn the right to breathe. His hand slithered up to my breast and squeezing. I just wanted to have fun tonight.

Beads of sweat fell from Jessie's head onto my neck. Loud moans would escape his lips scaring me even more. He kept going in deeper if that was possible. I screamed out hoping someone would hear me over the booming music.

"Lexii! Lexii wake up.." I burst my eyes open only to have a blurred vision. My face was moist with a mixture of sweat and tears. My arms were being held down with a powerful grip. "Let me go!" I squeezed my eyes shut and opened them clearing my sight.

Andrew was looking down at me with worried eyes. I stopped fighting and jumped up in his arms. "Oh god.. Oh god.." Andrew rocked me back and forth while smoothing my hair down.

I couldn't stop crying. My nightmare had ended but the memories only flowed more fluently in my mind. "You're okay.. I'm here." Andrew mumbled.

It took me forty-five minutes to calm down from my nightmare. I didn't see mom anywhere in sight. Turns out she was at work. "I'm so sorry.. I woke you up didn't I?" I felt bad for waking him up. Andrew liked to sleep in a lot.. "No.. No don't worry about that." Andrew comforted. Andrew is very responsible for his age. With mom being a single mother and rarely being home, Andrew had a lot on his plate and is very good at it. He's way more responsible than most boys his age.

"What do you say we go get something to eat? I will even try cooking." He suggested. I nodded smiling up at him.

While he was cooking I heard him mumbling. Not anything simply, but it was intense and serious. "What?" I called out. "I'm so sorry Lexii.. I should have been there with you! You shouldn't have gone alone and maybe if hadn't, you wouldn't be having nightmares! I'm sorry I couldn't protect you like a brother should." He was obviously still taking it hard.. It's been three years and I'm still taking it hard! "Stop.. It's not your fault.. We both didn't know that would happen.. It was in the past." I rub his back to make him feel better. "Can we just stop talking about it?" I asked. If we talk to much I'm going to start crying. He nodded and turned off the stove.

"Go get a plate." He says. Andrew had made my favorite; hash browns, eggs, and biscuits. I don't like eggs so I just eat the hash browns and biscuits, but Andrew can eat like three eggs all by himself.

I evened out the hash browns between us two and put my on a separate plate from his. I went to the fridge for the ketchup and put it on my hash browns. The food was amazing! "Thank you." I said.

"Andrew..?" He looked up from scarfing down his food. "Why are you so nice?"

"Because I love my baby sister." He said sarcastically with a cheesy smile. "I'm being serious!"

"Because you don't have anyone else.. You need somebody. Plus you have an ass load of shit on me." He joked about the last part. Any girl that gets his attention is the luckiest person in the world. He would treat her like gold just like he does his family. "With football season coming to an end what are you going to do..?" He knew what I was talking about. In high school when we went together, he had a girlfriend, Haley. They were adorable and lasted for three years but split before graduation because they were both moving to different towns and just didn't want to have a long distance relationship.

I thought of Haley as my sister; she always looked out for me and did everything possible to help me in any situation, even after her and Andrew split. Usually if Andrew gets in a relationship, he's in it for a while. He's not one of those guys who only has a girlfriend for a couple months. "Basketball.. I don't need a girlfriend. I'm kinda busy taking care of the two most important women in my life." He said smiling and looking down at his food.

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