Chapter 8

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After we finished eating. We both went up to the register, where he was standing. I finally noticed his name tag, "Harry". Nina and I pay and as I followed Nina out the door, he tapped my arm.

"Wait." He said, his voice such a slow, heavy British accent. "What is your name?"


"Are you in the Uni?" he asks.

"Yes... hold up, and you are?" I question. Even though I already know the answer. I think it would be proper for him to tell me himself.

He then points at his name tag and says "Harry". I laugh. I feel like Jane in the movie Tarzan. When Tarzan tells his name to Jane.

"Nice to meet you." I respond, "And yes I am in the Uni. Actually, I just passed my interview today." I laugh.

"Are you going to the party?" he asks.

" I'm thinking on it... what is the big deal with this party anyway?!" I ask.

"I don't go to parties much but, it's at a frat house." He responds.

"Oh. See I'm not the biggest party person either, but I don't know. I may or may not go." I answer.

As soon as I said that, Josh walks right through the doors and smiles at me.

"Oh no." I whisper. I try to ignore him and continue talking to Harry. Luckily, I signal him to play along and he does.

"Do you know him?" he asks.

"Yes... and I hate him. he thinks I'm his girl." I respond, as I get a text from Nina who has been waiting in the car for like 15minutes.

~Josh is there and girl, are you done Flirting with the baker?!~ Nina texts

~very funny.~ I said

~By the way, I'm already at the apartment.~ she said

~What?! Ugh!~

~you took forever! Besides, your only like a couple blocks from the apartment~

I slowly put my phone in my pocket, until Josh swiftly moved and grabs my phone out of my hand!

"Hey! Josh, give it back!" I yell as a Harry stands in shock.

"Come on, babe." He says as he slams me against the glass casing of pastries. Luckily, it didn't shatter.

"Give it back to her, Josh and let her go." Harry said with a slight tone of anger, in his voice.

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