Chapter 4:


Torri's POV:

I'm here at the Capital and we are getting ready for the interviews with Caesar Flickerman.

I'm wearing a beautiful strapless flame like dress that goes to the floor and has little sequins around my bare chest. I'm wearing very tall black high heels. My hair has got two plats starting from just above my ears on each side of my head and meeting in the middle then it’s all beautifully curled and for my eye shadow I've got the smoky eye effect. I'm also wearing a light pink shade of lipstick.

I have a quick look at all of the other tributes and I see Reave. I haven't seen her for about a year but I haven't forgotten her. She looks absolutely beautiful.


So... HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just so you know. if you follow me I'll dedicate a chapter of this book towards you!!!!!!




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