Through the Darkest of Your Days

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Title: Through the Darkest of Your Days

Author: Robpatff

Rating: Mature 

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson / Harry Styles 

Summary: Harry thinks he might not really know what okay is, but Louis is warm next to him, solid and constant and questioning. He’s all wide eyes and nerves and vulnerability. And this feels alright, this might be some sort of okay, Harry thinks. (Future!fic, roadtrip!fic, OT5 friendship!fic.)

Word Count: 35,073 words (completed)

Warnings: Content contains alcoholism

Rating: 5 out of 5

Review: Absolutely rough and beautiful, this fic is. The emotions are detailed and well written in a way that makes sense, yet, isn't over done. One of those pick you up after you're dropped a cliff of sadness fics. Things are always better in the light at the end of the tunnel, aren't they?

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