Alaya squirmed around her eyes starting to focus. She tried to scream but someone grabbed her. "Here's how things are going to work, witchy." He spat. "Your going to perform a locating spell, or die a painful, slow death. Your pick." He smirked. 

After a long pause Alaya spoke up."What would you be locating?" She asked still squirming.

"Your family of course." His eyes narrowing.

A shocked look crossed Alaya's face. "Never!" She screamed and started to shake violently. She was strapped to a chair in the middle of an empty grey room. 

"Fine." He slid out a pocket knife and started to drag it slowly against her cheek.

Rose spun around a hair tie on her finger and sat by the fire. "Shouldn't she be here by now?" Rose asked. Before she could continue a sharp pain stung on her cheek. She fell to the ground in pain. Shee cried out causing Summer to run over followed by the others. A scratch appeared on her cheek. More pain filled her body. Just like knives cutting her skin.

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