Chapter 2

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Chapter 2



I walked into the house quietly and locking the door behind me.  I walked into the kitchen and to the plat out the microwave. Tiff cooked Tenders and mac-and-cheese. I warmed it up and sat on the couch and ate. After I finished eating I put my dishes in the dishwasher.

I made my way upstairs and heard soft snores from each room. I walked into Tiff’s room and closed the door. I looked over her at her beautiful,peaceful body. I swear Tiffany is my savior,baby, wifey, whatever you wanna say. She my all. I lover. But I’m pretty sure she doesn’t feel the same way. I kicked of my shoes, pants, and shirt. Leaving me in my boxers. I climbed in bed with her and pulled her close to me. Tiff buried her head in my neck as I snuggled into her neck. She smelled like pineapples and strawberries. I inhaled deeply and deep into a deep slumber.

Tiffany POV

~ 7AM/ Saturday

I woke up with a arm around my waist and surrounded in Axe cologne. I thought a minute and thought ‘ Who tha hell in my bed?‘  Then it came to me. Jay. I looked up at his face and brushed my hand softly down the side of his face. He grabs my hand and kiss it. i giggle and peck his lips softly.

Me- Jay

Jay- Hmm?

Me- Let me up I gotta freshen up and start breakfast.
Jay- Nooo. Stay here with me

Me- I would but Kia here and our ‘sisters‘  so I have to start to cooking.

Jay groaned and unwrapped  his  arms from my waist and sat up. I rolled out the bed and noticed that I went to bed to in a tank-top and panties. I looked up and seen Jay licking his lips at  me. I Laughed at him and model walked into the the bathroom so he can watch. 

Jay- Dat ass tho.....

I giggled a lil and started the shower. I wanted to invite Jay in with me but the last time it happened we didn’t talk for 3 days. Talk about awkward....,But since I want some tougne action, why not. Nothing else is gonna happen. 

I stepped into the room and looked at Jay watching TV. I cleared my throat. He looked over at me.

Jay- yess....?

Me-Come join me?

Jay- fo’real?

Me- Yeahhhh....but if you don’t want to...

I started to make my way back into the bathroom only to have him on my tail. I started to strip form my clothes and slowly step into the sauna-like shower. Jay followed me in and  pulled me close. I could feel his ‘Gift From God’ on my back. I turned around to face him. I grabbed the  blue sponge and axe body wash that I had for him and lavished his body I earned a groan form him as I slowly cleaned below the waist ;). I smiled a little then rinsed his body off. 

Jay-  Now it’s my turn.

Me- Okay

I gave him a different  a pink sponge and my Sensation body wash from Victoria Secret. He did the same to me only he rubbed my ‘Lady Parts‘  extra slow. I moaned a little. He leaned down and kissed me.  I wrapped  my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. The shower was getting hotter by the second. I then remembered that Kia was here and the girls were coming. I pulled  away from him and gasped for air. I turned off the shower. The only sound you could hear is our heavy breathing. 

Me- We need to get out and get ready.

Jay-  Yeah. Come on

We got out the shower and got our clothes on. When I came out the closet I seen Jay fixing his Rolex watch. I shook my head when I seen his outfit.

Me- You trying to match me now?

Jay- Naw you trying to match me.

I had on Pink TRUKFIT shirt and Black jeans. I had on a pink black, and white Trukfit hat with White J’s. He had on the same thing except his was red. We Took a pict and I uploaded on instagram. 

@Breshaefull_Gorgeous: @Chocolate_CarmelJay ,We looking like a sexii couple ! #Too Hott foe You

We walked downstairs to the kitchen. Nobody was in there, so I guess Kia was still sleeping. I gabbed the breakfast food from the fridge and started cooking. 

Just as I finished the setting the table. Kia comes from downstairs dressed and opens the door letting Zariah and Riah in. Zariah is Kia sister and my ‘sister’ and vice versa with Riah. They walk into the kitchen. 

Riah- Is tat Jay in the living room couch?

Me- Yeah

Riah- Ya’ll matching like ya’lls a couple, How you doing?

Me- Just fine go head and fix ya’ll plate. I’ll be at the table soon.

I picked up all four of the chocolate pancakes and orange juice.

Zariah- Why he got the chocolate pancakes? What if I wanted one?

Me- Guhh boo, eat them blueberry pancakes and be happy

Kia- Guhh get yo smart ass in there and give yo man his breakfast.

I nodded and went to the living room couch. set down next to him with his plate he pecked my lips and pulled me on his lap.

Jay- Feed me some.

Me- Ight

I feed him the a portion of everything before getting off his lap and making my way to the kitchen. He grabbed me by my waist and making me turn around.

Jay- Thanks Bae *kisses you*

Me- No problem

I go to the kitchen and fix my plate. I walk to the table and the girls turn there head at me smiling like the won the lottery. I laughed at them and sat down. I sat down at the table and we started planning what to do today. 

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