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i wonder if you've ever just sat there and felt sorry for the world.

you seem like you would because- and no matter how much it pains me to say this, it's true- you have a big heart. you care.

i did that today. i just laid on my bed, looking out the window and i had a blatantly obvious epiphany. there are other people in this world. living, breathing people that are doing their own thing as i write only the things i feel. some are hurting while some are smiling. and i just wonder if they ever stop and think about me.

and sometimes i feel bad for trying to figure things out because im so focused on myself that i dont think about all those people who have probably had worse times than me.

some of them are lost too. but i dont think they'd understand.

the only person in this entire world that i could spill my heart to and expect them to be able to put together the jagged puzzle, would be you. 

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