One Last Wish

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I exhaled deeply, my breath a harsh black against the blue lighting of the room

I stood tall and proud, unafraid, unwavering

while at the same time I was at the mercy of those who had given me life

eyes remain locked on me as the girl collects her thoughts

she has been doing this for as long as I can remember

every night whispering the same wish; over and over again

I wonder sometimes if the wishes cancel out

if she's wished too much

because it's been sixteen years and her wish has yet to come true

as she is about to wish, I feel myself fading

my light slowly fading out; becoming one with the darkness

I try to regain my composure in hopes of allowing her to wish once more

yet as she is about to speak, I can no longer breathe

I exhale once more and without a second thought, the light returns to the darkness from which it came

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