Death and this Isn't Over

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Marc slowly made his way towards. The man was already injured, his leg bleeding badly.

“Come on you piece of filth!” the man yelled. Marc charged at him taking in all the bullets that pierced his body. All he was thinking was…..death, death to all who he came upon. It was the town’s fault, it was them to blame for all the innocent deaths. Marc drove his knife through the one man’s chest. He loved the feeling of the man’s bones breaking beneath his grasp, the blood covering his body and the death that now surrounded this man. Marc suddenly felt a sharp pain go straight through his heart and back out. “Looks like you’re coming with me,” the man smirked as he took his last breath. Marc threw him aside and stumbled to the ground.

“At least I got my revenge. Besides this isn’t over,” Marc said looking at the hundreds of the scattered bloodied bodies of the men, woman and children, of all those in the town. Marc had killed them all, using his deadly, sharp, blood stained antlers. Seeing the fire that has corrupted and the streets filled with large streams of the town people’s blood. Marc then took his last breath and faded away. He had his revenge. He left this world satisfied.

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