Chapter Fourteen

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Recover Chapter Fourteen

A sharp pain shot through my shoulder going to my side. I recovered from the shove and walked to my last class of the day. Christmas break starts tomorrow so a whole three weeks of being alone. Mom even works until the day of Christmas. I swear she's going to kill herself by working too much.

I felt someone grab onto my hand and I turned to see Alexander. "You look lonely." He commented. I always look lonely. A random guy slammed into Alexander forcing his body back. "Nigga damn!" He complains looking back at the guy who was now at the end of the hallway.

"I was thinking after school you could come to my place, cause you know I'm just the shit and I got my own place." He nonchalantly spoke. "No, but you should come. I have nothing else to do." His hand slipped around my waist to pull me in front of him so I didn't slam into people going the opposite way. To be honest, I think it was just so he could have his arm around me.

I don't think a guy should be touching me like that when I have a boyfriend. I also think I shouldn't be going to other guys' house alone when I have a boyfriend. "No.. You know about Gavin."

"C'mon, it's not like we are going to fuck. Gavin's cool with it, he's laid back like that." I wanted to question how well he knew Gavin. "No. Gavin is going out of town Sunday and I want to spend time with him." Alexander rolled his eyes. "Spend Saturday with him. A couple of hours won't hurt anything."

I eventually gave in just to make him stop. That's how most of his questions ended up. "I'm going to miss you over the break you know?" Alexander whispered. "No, now shut it. I don't want to be the one to "sit out in the hall" like a five year old."

"Stop being so negative. You should come over Christians day and see me.. I could see you.. Whatever you want."

"Shut up.. I'm not coming over. It's the one time I have my family-... Never mind." I tried to cover up my words. Christmas is the one day it goes back to the old days. Mom and Andrew are both home. "So you are coming over?"


"Hey babygirl what are you doing?" Gavin's voice rang through my ears. I called Gavin to talk to him since I wouldn't get to see him. I knew it would agitate Alexander since he wanted my full attention. "Nothing.. What are you doing?"

"Football practice. I can't play but the coach is making me come every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Anyways, I was thinking tonight we could go catch a movie? I get done at five so maybe sevenish?"

"Get off the phone already!" Alexander whined. "Uh.. Sure. I have to go but I will talk to you later. Don't even think about playing." Gavin chuckled. "Don't worry I will. Bye." I hung up the phone and tossed my phone on the comforter.

"Do you want anything to drink?" I shook my head no at Gavin's question. He tightened his grip on my waist as we walked to the movie door. "How long are you going out of town again?" We followed the small lights on either side of the walkway until we faced a large movie screen. Gavin let me walk up the steps to pick seats. "Three days.. I'm coming home on Christmas Eve." I stepped on the very top step and went all the way down the row in the middle and unfolded a chair.

"You're not going anywhere right?" I nodded. "Andrew is coming home, but that's about it.." I was still wearing his sweatshirt from the game a few weeks ago. It was basically mine now, it's too comfortable to give up. "..he doesn't like me." Gavin was halfway right. I wasn't quite clear on what Andrews thoughts about Gavin were. "No.. He does.." I comforted. "It's cause I'm older isn't it? It's only by a year.." He was also right on that too. Besides the fact that Andrew is over protective, he still wouldn't be too sure since next year Gavin is going off to college. "Well.. It's just because your dating me.. He's weird like that." I murmured. "But you know I would never hurt you right? I promise you.. And if I have to promise to your brother, then I will." I smiled.

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