"Jerome if your big head ass dont leave me the hell alone." I warned with my eyes still closed and head resting on the pillow.

"Weve been on this shit for like eight hours dee, you know i hate heights and im bored." He complained nudging my shoulder before caressing my inner thigh. "Just five minutes thats all I need."

Trying to contain my laughter at his stupidity I continued to keep my eyes closed and tune him out. "The flight is only three hours long, we will land in less than an hour. you sound like such a big baby right now. I told you to start taking valums or a benadryl but you didnt want to now shut up and go to sleep." I ordered swatting his hand way from between my legs.

"Fuck a valum thats for kids who act like pitbulls." he protested.

"Thats ridolin asshole" I said laughing at his dramatic ass. I knew he was afraid of heights but I have rarely witnessed Rome act like such a brat before. if his complaints didnt have me laughing it sure was the look on his face. "awww my poor baby" I mocked. "Just calm down, well be there in no time.

"I cant. the only thing that will calm me down is the thing you do for me." he whispered looking around to make sure no one was paying attention. "The holiday and anniversary thing." he winked then stared at me with a straight face.

"Jerome Pierce!" I half laughed and yelled. "We are on a plane full of 300 passengers, if you think im doing that then you have sadly lost your mind."

"Come on Dee, just five minutes. itll be quick. and you know ill do it back." He laughed himself. "Besides were in first class. niggas aint worried about us. just meet me in the first bathroom." he said removing his seat belt and getting up before I could pro test.

He was serious too. God we need to hurry up and land before I kill my husband. if we get caught im going to ring his neck I said to myself getting out of my seat and making my way to the same bathroom a few moments later.


After landing in New York a little before noon, Rome and I haled down a cab and had the driver take us to the nearest Enterprise so we could rent a car for the weekend. These cabbies out here in New York sure are hostile as hell, but atleast they didnt try and take advantage with the pricing. Ruby told me they would and almost killed her and other people in traffic.

I had to say the city was pretty damn bad ass, minus all the crowded people. I can see why they compare it to LA, just a little not completely. Rome let me do a little shopping while he made a few calls so I wandered off into the Macys, then Jc Pennies before hitting the Ralph Lauren Banana Republic and Calvin Klein stores. its a good thing we rented instead of taking a cab. I did better than I thought, I gave myself a thousand dollar limit and promised I wouldnt go shopping crazy.

"Whos that for?" Rome asked walking over to me as I held up the CK tote bag, wallet and sun glasses.

"Emani" I half smiled. "Im not too sure on her size or taste in clothes but I didnt want to meet her and not have anything." I said eyeing the purse. it was cute but pretty basic just incase she wasnt the girly accesory type. it was safe. "You find the address yet?" I asked making my way out of the store after we payed for everything.

"Yeah I been got all of that." he nodded. "You tryna eat?" He asked pointing to the hot dog stand.

"Pizza." I said pulling him to the direction of a placed labled JoJos Pizzaria.

"I'on Know. Im still tryna figure out what the hell to say. What up im ya father I haven't seen you since you were a baby cus I thought ya mama killed you. Oh by the way I put two bullets in here for that." he said spinning the pizza tray around. "You think I should have called first?"

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