Central Park

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*Louis P.O.V*

"We're here" I say as we walk in to Central Park.
"Oh my GOD I've never had time to come here with shopping and everything. I've always wanted to though. This is great." Sammy told me

We walked until we reached the heart of the park and there was two people getting married. As they said there 'I do's' I leaned and whispered
"Someday I hope that will be us" I said.
"Yeah, I really hope so,"

<three hours later>

"WERE HOME FELLOW CARROTS!" I yelled. Sammy bursted out laughing as all the girls came running over two her.
"The boys are on the balcony Louis" said Quinn. and I was off to the balcony.

*Sammy P.O.V*
We walked to the living room and sat down.
"Where did you go?"Siya asked
"What happend?"Tasha and Julia said "JINX KNOCK ON WOOD TOUCH RED!" yelled Julia and doing it "Ha, you owe me a soda!" "Ugh fine Julia whatever."

So after I told them what happend they told me what happend with them.

"We had our FIRST KISS." said Tasha
"He bought me a new make up kit" said Quinn
"We ate at Nandos" said Julia less exited then the other's
"HE BOUGHT ME AN IPHONE 5S YAAAY!" yelled Siya. so we all got her new Skype, KiK, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (the accounts were all ~I_Love_Harry_Styles~)

It was only seven so we sat in a circul and proceeded to play T/D

"Julia Truth or Dare?" Zayn asked
"Dare all for 'em" she replied
"I dare you to sing Best Song Ever in the worst way possible"
3 min later after Julia's aweful singing it was Julia's turn.
"Sammy Truth or Dare?"
"Ugh I'm ganna be adventuris and say Dare." She smiled
"I dare you to watch the 'Little Things' music video." she smirked

If your wondering what's so bad about that its that I always cry at Louis's solo since he makes eye contact with the camera and I cry cause you know, he's hot.

"What's so bad about that?" asked Harry. So Julia told him

"I triple dog dare you and you can't back down from a triple dog dare Sammy." Julia smirked again.

"Ugh fine." so we want to my room and she put it on.

"You can't go to bed without a cup of tea and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep and all those conversations are the secrets that I keep though it makes no sence to me."

I was crying while I was watching that

"BTW I'm recording LOL" said Julia

"OMG YOUR WHAT!"i screamed

"Well they need to see it don't they" she said turning her phone to face herself.

"And all these little things" the song ended and she stopped the video and ran downstairs as I wiped the tears away.

She was at the end of the stair way and said to me "you two have made eye contact before and you didn't cry, why are you crying now?" she said while laughing. I told her I didn't know

The boys watched the video when Louis looked at us and said
"Remind me to NOT make eye contact with you anymore Sammy" as they all started laughing.

"You guys are mean" I said pouting (but lieing of course)

"Were sorry, well I am." Louis said while bringing me into a hug. I smiled at him, so warm and so sweet why he likes me I don't know. He's perfect with his British accent, light brown hair, and soft green eyes with perfect tan skin. I'm just your everyday average teenage NYC girl. Plain old Sammy Berenson.

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