Chapter 26 - Forgive and forget.

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Shane POV:

I stood outside the bedroom for a few minutes, before knocking on the door.

Shane: Joey?...Can we please talk?

There was no reply. I knocked on the door again, louder this time.

Shane: Please. It's really not what it looks like. Lisa completely twisted everything.

I still had no reply. I kept attempting to open the door before slumping down onto the floor. My back was resting against the door just waiting for a reply. My face rested in my hands, I just wanted this to all go away. I hated myself for being so stupid to text Lisa, but I wasn't the only one to blame. I could hear Joey crying in the room, 2 feet away and I couldn't do anything.

Shane: Please Joey.

I stood back up and tried opening the door again. The door clicked and began to open. Joey was stood opposite me with red puffy eyes, still fighting back tears. He turned around and sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at his feet. I kneeled down in front of him and rested one hand on his leg while I held the other towards his face. He continued to look at the ground, ignoring the fact I was even there but he needed to listen. I put my hand underneath his chin and pushed his face up until he was looking at me.

Shane: Joey. You need to understand I was confused. You know i didn't mean anything by it. Lisa took it completely out of context. You need to see that.

Joey: You didn't trust me.

Shane: You expected me to after what I saw?!

Joey: I told you, I didn't know what I was doing Shane.

Shane: and I'm telling you Joey, that neither did I. Joey, I walked in on you kissing someone else and my heart felt as if it had stopped. I had never felt that way before, I couldn't just shrug it off. I regret what I did just as much as you do. But you have to understand why I did it.

Joey: This is all my fault.

I wrapped my arms around Joey tightly, I could feel his tears dripping onto my shoulder. Tears were filling my eyes again.

Shane: No no no Joey.

Joey: But if I didn't drink then-

Shane: - But you did, it's happened. I've forgiven you.

Joey: I don't deserve you.

He burst out crying again, and my tears were beginning to fall down my cheek. I pushed my lips up against his.

Shane: Don't ever say that. I love you.

Joey: I love you more than anything Shane.

I got up off the floor and pulled Joey up. I wiped the tears away from his eyes and kissed him on the forehead.

Shane: Let's forget the past 2 days. Let's forget they even happened.

Joey nodded and rested his head into my chest while I ran my hands through this hair.

Joey: I was so scared.

Shane: Why?

Joey: I thought I lost you. I couldn't bare the thought of you not being there everyday.

Shane: Oh Joey. I'm not going anywhere.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. Joey lifted his head back up and watched me take my phone out of my pocket.

Shane: it's Lisa.

His face dropped.

Joey: Can I answer?

I reluctantly handed the phone over to Joey.

Joey: Hello.

Joey POV:

I answered the phone, keeping eye contact with Shane through the whole conversation.

Lisa: Shane is that you?

Joey: No its Joey.

Lisa: Pass me over to Shane.

Joey: Sorry he's kind of busy right now.

Lisa: Did he tell you then?

Joey: Tell me what?

Lisa: Oh you know how he wanted to get back with me. You must of hurt him pretty bad...

I began laughing, I had, had enough of her twisted mouth today.

Joey: Oh really?

Lisa: Haha yeah well Shane wants me again. Bet that sucks for ya.

Joey: Hahaha. Oh honey. Speaking of sucking, Shane's here now, so I have to go.

Shane opened his mouth, shocked from what he had just heard, but he couldn't hell but smile.

Lisa: Excuse me?

Joey: Use your imagination.

I put the phone down and threw it onto the bed.

Shane: I can't believe you just said that.

Joey: That felt good. I feel a lot better now.

Shane: I bet you do. Anyway what were you saying about sucking?

I kissed him quickly before slowly going down onto my knees and unzipping his pants.


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