Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

A few hours passed, and I sat there, still fuming. My anger at him wore off, but I couldn’t help dwell on what he’d said to me.

He’d said that I was going to be a weak ruler. That I was a weak ruler. And wasn’t that true? I didn’t know anything about the people outside of the capital, and my whole life revolved around the palace. I couldn’t even say I knew the people in the capital. My parents were going to send me away, and maybe that was for the best. It wouldn’t be any good if I tried to lead this country and I didn’t know the country at all.

“How can I even call myself Princess?” I whispered to myself, staring at my folded hands. They rested in my lap, on the once beautiful blue dress. I wasn’t ever going to wear it again after I got out of it. It would remind me of too many things that I didn’t ever want to think of again.

I stood up and walked carefully over to the door. I couldn’t stand being in this dress any longer. They must have something else for me to wear; I was going to be here for more than a day. And besides, Alex had said that I could have some.

I opened the door, and peeked out at the bulky man whose name I’d never learned. He turned around and looked down at me, waiting for me to speak.

“Um, do you think I could have some different clothes?” I said in a small voice, looking everywhere but his face. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his face split into a grin. He turned away from me and whistled.

“What?” a holler came from up the hallway. A followed soon after, wearing a pair of gray trousers and white blouse. She was fairly pretty, with fierce brown eyes and wavy brown hair.

“Did she need something, Remy?” she said casually, yawning as she took me in. I found myself shrinking back behind Remy. This woman was oddly intimidating, and I didn’t want her looking at me that way. Apparently I was already looked down at by some; I didn’t need another person joining the club.

“What’s wrong with you? No one bits… normally.” Her grin widened at her joke. I stepped out from behind Remy and stuck out my chin. I may have hid, but I wasn’t going to be insulted.

“Nothing. I was asking if I could have a clean outfit. This one is almost 2 days old.” I watched her for any kind of reaction. The only one I got was an eyebrow raise.

“Ooooh. The Princess wants something. How totally unexpected.” She rolled her eyes, and then glanced at me from the side of her eye.  “And if she doesn’t get what she wants? Will she throw a temper tantrum?”

Remy chuckled and I snapped. It wasn’t like earlier where I had just lost my temper. This time I was liable to actually use my fists and say what I really meant. Years of being groomed as the second daughter had taught me to hold my tongue and use diplomacy to solve my issues. But now, in this cursed place, I had no reason to follow those rules.

“You shut up! This instant!” I yelled at Remy and the women. I jabbed a finger in his face. “I am a Princess, yes, but that does not mean in any shape of form that I’m a pushover! You can stuff all the crap you were spouting about my throwing a temper tantrum down your throat. Temper tantrums are for children.”

I paused for a moment and then said one last thing to finish off my statement. “And if anyone decides after this warning that they want to tease and make of me, I will make this the most difficult kidnapping you have ever experienced. And I promise you, it will not just be me who is harmed.” I glowered at her and folded my arms across my chest.

Both of the m stared at me in shock until Remy snapped out of it. He smiled widely and me and then turned to the women.

“Hm. Well she’s made her case.” He chuckled again and then returned back to some sort of seriousness. “We’ll get you a new outfit, little lady. How could we not, with you making demands like that?” Still laughing, he walked down the hall and around the corner, leaving the women to look after me.

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