Chapter 9- What Did You Just Do?

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Chapter 9-  what did you just do

Kellis p.o.v

I cant believe i just did that, i just growl at him, but.. but its his fault he was asking for it. i mean he growled at me first. 

I ran though the forest as fast as i could, i knew i could out run my mate i mean he might be a alpha but I'm a hybrid. Which gives my better skills then  any other alpha. 

I ran to my house thought the short cut that i found this morning. By the time i got home i was panting for air, i might be a hybrid but that doesn't mean that the bruises on my body didn't slow Mr down. 

I started to walk up my drive way , well that was until i was tackled to the ground by non other then my mate. I looked up at him spooked. 

Who does that to a girl in front of there own homes? 

"Don't look at me like that your the one that growled at me!" he said as calmly as i could but i could tell by the tone of his voice that he was upset. 

I looked over at the house and looked at the window only to meet the dark brown pair of eyes i have come to hate glaring daggers at me. 

He shook his head and nodded to my mate. I nodded at him understanding that i need to get Gable out of here and fast. 

Gabe looked over my shoulder at my 'father'. "Who's that?" he growled while looking at me. 

I scrambled to get my note book from out of my bag before gabe started anything and gets me in big trouble, 

Please just go i wrote down on the note bad and looked at him with pleading eyes. 

"Who is that?" he asked though clenched teeth. 

"My father' i wrote on the note pad. 

He nodded and looked back over at my 'father'. "I would love to meet him" he spoke and pushed by me and to my door way but not before i got the chance to jump up in his way so he couldn't get there. 

I shook my head so fast that i i started to get dizzy. I looked at him in pleading eyes.  Why is he doing this to me?

Steve comes barging out of the house looking very upset. He grabbed my shoulder with so much force that i think i heard a snap of my bone. 

I stood there with a happy smile on my face hoping that it would fool gabe. 

"She really has to go she has swim practice today" Steve lied smoothly. Gabe looked at me for conformation. 

I nodded and steve dragged me inside the house, i mentally cursed my not so good luck because i knew tonight would be one of the worse beating yet. 

Look what you have done gabe?


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