Getting closer...

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You woke up at about 9:15am, you felt your phone vibrate under your pillow.

Jai: Hi (Y/N), meet me at the park in 10 mins:)

you: Ok see you then:)xx


you: ok calm down Jai Haha

You get dressed and do your hair, you do everything to make yourself more attractive, you want  him to notice. You make your way to the park, you feel kind of nervous.

"Hi Jai, Haha that rhymes", you smiled. "Hi and yea I know, why does everyone have to point that out", Jai replied. "oh sorry", you apologized. "nah it's ok, you know it's actually cute when you say it", he smiled as he looked into your eyes. you both leaned in closer and then...... "HI JAI", Trent yells. you and Jai got interrupted by Trent. "oh hi Trent, umm what are you doing here?" Jai questioned. "well I kind of followed you yesterday and thought of joining you love birds this morning", Trent smirked. "stalker much and we are not together we are just friends", Jai said. "yeah right, I saw you guys, you were about to kiss", Trent pointed out. You and Jai just blushed and then laughed.

(Jai's POV)

Man I was just about to kiss (Y/N) and then Trent showed up. "so since I am here how about we do something together", Trent suggested. "um ok", (Y/N) replied. Great now Trent has to come along with us, he's just jealous. Since Trent was hanging out with us we went to the central lake, by the central lake there was an Ice cream shop, there were so many types of Ice cream, (Y/N) wanted cookies and cream, Trent offered to pay for her Ice cream but I wanted to buy it for her.

(your POV)

Ok it was kind of awkward when Trent came along but you had to admit that Trent was quite cute, Trent offered to buy Ice cream for you, he was so sweet but Jai also wanted to buy you Ice cream, the next thing you know two 14 year old boys are fighting over buying a girl Ice cream, everyone was watching, you were kind of embarrassed so you just walked straight out. You waited outside for them, while you were waiting you see a boy approach you, he had blonde hair and amazing blue eyes, you then realized it was one of your old friends Taylor. "Hi (Y/N), do you remember me" Taylor asked. "Of course I remember you Taylor, haha I almost didn't recognize you until I saw your blue eyes", you replied. "Me too, I didn't realize it was you until I saw your smile, and I really need to get contacts, you always can tell who I am by my eyes haha", Taylor smiled. "hey since your here how about we exchange numbers, then we can stay in contact", you suggested. "Hey No way, your an ugly b***h, haha sure", Taylor laughed. "excuse me, I am not an ugly b***h, I am the ugly b***h haha", you laughed back. you both exchanged numbers, you put your name as my fab ugly b***h' and Taylor put his name as 'best guy ever'. "is that guy your boyfriend?" Taylor questioned as he pointed to Jai. "um no, we are just friends", you smiled.

(Jai's POV)

So Trent and I shared our money to buy Ice cream for (Y/N), I noticed her waiting outside with some guy, he had blonde hair, they were laughing and then I could tell that they exchanged numbers, they hugged and then the guy left, honestly I was kind of jealous. So we got the Ice cream and then ran out to (Y/N), Trent got to her first but then I came second pushing him over, he eventually got to his feet. "so... who was that guy you were talking too?' I questioned. "Oh just an old friend of mine, we used to besties until he moved to Adelaide", (Y/N) explained. "oh ok then, I think we should head home", I replied. So we went back to the park, (Y/N) and I said bye to Trent. "wait aren't you guys going home as well?" Trent questioned. "Well Jai was actually coming over to my place to help out with a few things", (Y/N) said. "Oh ok then, I will catch you two later", Trent answered back. "am I really going to your place?" I questioned. "no, I just said that we could just walk around and get to know each other", she smiled. She had the most amazing smile in the world, before we could leave we changed our names on each others contact, she put her name as '(Y/N) is my #1', I put mine as 'my sexy beast'.

(your POV)

Ok I know that was kind of awkward but I really want get to know him a bit more, he's so interesting and I seriously think I am falling for him.


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