Chapter 2

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Hii, ye2, iit'2 been a whiile . . . Enjoy dii2 piiece of 2hiit 2tory!!


Time went by slowly as the civilians around us watched in horror as the bullet grazed her upper right arm, causing red liquid to spray out, splashing on the ground. I heard a hiss escape her mouth, and my jaw dropped to the floor. She literally HISSED. Like a cat . . . LIKE A FREAKING CAT! The hood of her jacket flew off the top of her head, causing dark brown, almost black, cat ears to poke out on the top of her head. Her teeth were also pretty sharp.

Two dark figures appeared behind the Fat-Ass, causing him to spin around with fear in his eyes. I took this as an opportunity to go help the girl lying on the ground, holding her wound. I ran up to her, and knelt beside her, putting my hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, you ok?!" I asked her worriedly. My dark brown eyes stared at her blue eyes. I could see fear buried deep within them.

"U-Um . . . I-I think so . . .?" She said slowly, as if scared to answer me. Her arm was dripping red liquid, running between her pale fingers. I helped her up, and she ended up leaning on me. Two figures ran up to us, and pushed me away from the Cat-Girl.

"Allise, you okay?" A boy with messy, light brown hair asked whom I assume was Allise. She simply nodded, biting on her bottom lip.

"The Fatty got'cha pretty good, huh?" Another boy with shaggy black hair asked, helping her stand. My heart started pounding when I saw him. Shaggy black hair, bangs just long enough to cover his right eye, grey eyes, olive toned skin, and a dark grey bandana wrapped around his forehead. Oh, god . . . I have a crush on him, huh . . .? . . . Dammit.

Allise chuckled at his comment, and shot a smirk my way. "We should get outta here. . . Like, now. Dude, go . . . Go, GO, GO!" She exclaimed, her eyes widening. I looked behind us, and saw what looked to be am angry mob.

"You freaks!" "Monsters!" "Go back to your pits of hell!" I heard many shouts from the group of people. I felt someone pick me up by my underarms, and prop me on their back. It was the guy with the black hair. I looked over at Allise, and she was being carried Princess Style by the brunette.

He started running the other way, carrying Allise over his head and screaming; "OH JESUS, THE GERMANS ARE BOMBING! SACRIFICE!!"

Allise and I laughed out loud, and the black haired guy just chuckled. The boys ran the opposite way of the raging crowd, on their way towards the city limits. I've never been away from the city . . . But, I guess I'm glad I did . . . It's what started my new life with my best friends!!

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