Ch. 37

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I woke up and dally was passed out. He had fallen asleep with me. Not Niall. It took a minute for me to realize that I may have cried myself to sleep last night. Then I remembered the reason for that. Come to think of it, it sounded a bit stupid. But I still wanna leave.

I reached over and grabbed my phone. I had to talk to jade and Perrie. But how do I? Without waking dally or Niall? What if they both wake up? Oh well, I'd have to deal with that when I get there.

Jesy: hey pezz, what's up

Jesy: you're probably still asleep.

Jesy: hey

Jade: hey jes what's up

Jesy: nothin but you still wanna come out to mulingar??

Jade: yeah y?

Jesy: good cuz I need u to come

Jade: y? Wht did u do?

Jesy: nothing! I didn't do anything! It was Niall!

Jade: k I'll talk to Harry and see what I can do

Jesy: kk

Pezz: hey jes

Jesy: hey

Pezz: you want something?

Jesy: yeah, actually, think u could come back to mulingar?

Pezz: and Zayn ??

Jesy: no pleas not him. Anyone but him

Pezz: y? What did he do that was so wrong?!

Jesy: well, he tried to kill my son, he's been arrested here before, lord knows what other trouble he'll get into. Plus I really don't need more drama.

Pezz: huh so ur saying I can come back but not Zayn?

Jesy: exactly

Pezz: hmmmm? :( idk maybe

Jesy: k gtg

Then dally woke up. Shit!


I woke up and mum was on her phone.

She looked like she was still gonna cry. I stared at her until she noticed I was awake. Hi. Mum looked at me then put her phone back. She ran her fingers through my hair. Niall was still asleep. I'm still tired. Can i go back to sleep? I closed my eyes.

"Are you serious?" Mum said. I opened my eyes again and laughed. "You're such a lazy little bum."

No I'm not! I'm just a little boy! And I live with you and Niall! Give me a break!

I wanna go back to sleep but I can't. Mum sat up and I crawled into her. So I just kinda laid there. I was tired but I couldn't sleep. I don't know. But I looked out the window and it was snowing now I wanted to go outside. I looked back at mum.

I had started to fall asleep again when Niall woke up. He played with my hair. I was so tired that I didn't notice mum wasn't even here. What?! No! She didn't leave! She wouldn't leave me here! Right?! I got really scared and started crying.

"Shut up!" Niall said. "Ugh!!" I never stopped crying. "Shut it dally!" Then mum came in. I reached for her. She took me from Niall. "What's with that kid?"

"I don't know. What did you do?" Mum said. I stopped crying.

"I didn't do anything. He just looked at me and started crying.... see now he's quiet. What the hell?"

Mum looked at me. Then she looked back at Niall. You said you didn't like Niall. Don't change your mind now. Pleas. You're confusing me.


dally cried this morning when I was holding him. It was weird. I used to be the only one that could get him to stop crying. Now I'm the reason he cried?! Wtf?!

So I'm outside. Sitting on the steps. It's snowing. Then Jesy brings dally outside. "Hey." She said. Jesy sat next to me and put dally in the snow. That kid and snow. Wonder what he'll think when I teach him football. "You ok?"

"Yeah, why?" I said. I was staring at dally. He was laughing.

"You don't look ok." Jesy said. Dally took snow and threw it at Jesy. We both laughed. Not Jesy though. "Hey! You're mean!"

"Oh come on... he's a little boy jes." I took snow and threw it at dally. But not hard enough to hurt him. He laughed. I went over and sat by him too. This boy loved snow. "Jesy!" When she looked at me I threw a snowball at her.

"Dammit niall!"

Dally laughed. "What? You seriously can't ruin the fun." I said. Jesy got up and went inside. I looked at dally. He picked up snow and hit me with it.


Harry was asleep until like 12. When he woke up, I went up and kissed him. "Alright what do you want?" He asked.

"Ok... Jesy wants me to go to Mulingar. Pleas! Hazza! Pleas! I really wanna go! Pleas!"

"Ok! God! I'll take you love!" Harry finally gave. Omg! I hugged him.

"I love you Harry!"

"Yeah yeah I know."


I finally said I would take jade to see Jesy out in Mulingar. It was a few days later that we decided to leave.

I kinda lost her at the airport though. "Jade?! Jade!" I could hear her laughing but I couldn't find her.


"Jade! Where the hell are you?!"

"Turn the fuck around!" It was jades voice. Of course I turned around. She was being held back by one of the guards.

"This your daughter?" He asked.

"No, she's my girlfriend."

"Ether way." He threw jade at me. I grabbed her. "Don't let her run off again."

Jade was laughing. She sounded like she was drunk. "Jade?! Are you fucking high?!" I said dragging her onto the plane.

"No... I'm bored." Jade said. I threw her into the seat. She started bouncing.

"Jade. Jade." I stopped her. I sat next to her. "Ok... this is why I didn't wanna take you."

"I'm sorry." Jade put her head on me.


Ok idk y I wrote this

-Katie Horan

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