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picture of hope on the side 

hope pov

i leaned on the fence of the park watching the babies and their mothers walk by and it made me think. do i want dj as my babys father my baby has needs though. don't want my baby in thisworld with dead beat dad.

love DJ  really do but my baby comes before him. Point blank

little girl:have you seen my mommy ma'am

me:*kneels down* what's your name baby

little girl:Paige

me:ok Paige what's your Mommy name



see now of y'all would act right I would add y'all into my stories. but no yall wanna be ghost!


me:ok paige lets go find your momma baby


me:*walking around calling kady*  KADY!!! 


kady:turns around*oh hello i was just looking for my daughter p-p-p- PAIGE KYMANTI CARSON! *picks her up* baby dont leave my side again ok. 

paige:the nice lady helped me.*points at me* she nwice mommy 

kady:thank you me and her daddy was bout to call the cops 

me: i seen you before.....are you married to craig crippen the III ( we gonna call him cp3)

kady:yes i am he's over there 


cp3:turns around* FOREST!!!*runs too hug me*

me:how you been 

cp3:good how are you 

me:just fine i didnt know you had a child 

cp3:who paige yeah thats my little pudding 

me:i havent seen kady in a while 

cp3:i know thats my baby tho. when the last time you seen daddy 

me:2 weeks ago dude 

cp3:oh well me and paige and kady going out to eat but you can come with me.

me:no no no i already ate but take care.*kneels down to paige* stay with your momma and daddy ok lil mama

paige:*hugs me* thank you i love you bye bye

me:bye bye baby

kady:grl once again thank you for finding paige *looks at my pudge* oh your expecting?


kady:boy or girl

me:i hope girl

kady:no have a boy girls are too much work believe me*laughs* bye girl*walks away*

that little girl just showed me that im gonna be a great mother. 

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