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"Hey, wake up." A girl cried out, smacking my arm to wake me up. I jump up in surprise to see a tiny girl, about four feet tall. Her hair is longish, a bit over her small shoulders.she holds them in pigtails, tightly tied with two star hair clips. Her hair is light brown. Truthfully. She looked adorable. Of course, at the time, I wasn't pleased. She looked surprised when I glared at her. I hissed at her "Hey! The hell was that for!" She jumped back in surprise. Tears already formed in her eyes "I was scared! You weren't responding like anyone else! I'm sorry!" I couldn't help it, she was adorable. Maybe I had slipped a smile, maybe not. I don't remember that. "It's fine, I guess. So, where the hell am I?" She looked even more surprised. "You're inside Hope's Peak Academy! Duh! You're gonna be late-"r" for the orientation thingy!"

My head shot up at that. I looked at the classroom. It was pretty clean, almost spotless. It looked like a regular classroom, not for a special class. It was weird. "Wait, then who the hell are you!" She puffed out her cheeks, crossing her arms "That's not a very nice word! Onii-chan!"

I cower in my chair "Onii-chan?! No. I am not your big brother. I already have a twin sister, I-" She jumps in right away "Akira-chan. She's...I don't know. I forgot. Well, come on, we have a lot of people to meet! Come on, Onii-chan!" She tugs my arm, trying to pull me up from the desk I was placed in. She flings back and lands on the floor. "But, who are you?!" I repeat.

"I'm Kaneko Hoshiko, Super Duper Astrologist! I learn about space and stuff!" she giggles "Now, let's go!" She successfully gets me up this time. I really hated being small enough for a four foot girl to drag me off.


Name: Kaneko Hoshiko

Title: SHSL Astrologist

Hair: Light brown / Eyes: Ice Blue

Height: 140cm / Weight: 40kg / Chest: 77cm / Blood type: AB

Birthday: October 31

Likes: Board games, pastel colors Hates: Fish, rude words

Clothing: She wears a black sweater with white dots, that she claims her aunt made her for the new school. She also wears a grey skirt that goes to her ankles. She wears white, square rimmed glasses, and two huge stars in her hair, one on each side.

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