high school misserable(25)

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she told me to wait and see? wait and see what the fuck dose that mean. to be honest if she did love me she would trust me so its a but hard to believe back up its a bit hard to believe that anyone could love me like serious no could.

after a while Lauren came up "hey she sat on the bed beside me "hi"I mumbled "what you thinking about?"she asked "just demi"I whispered she lifted my chin so she could see me.

"Rachel your site beautiful‚funny‚smart so many different things but the main one is lovable demi is the luckiest girl alive for you too love her and its hard for me to admit but she dose love you its really easy to tell but Rachel Evan Tho I know the is no way in hell I have a chance I will always be here to talk to because I love you" she spilled out.

wait shes crying I hugged her "what's wrong" I asked "I just wish I had met you before demi did"she cried for a little longer and then grabbed my hand up for a long hug then she shouted "NEMO!" her favourite movie so we headed downstairs to watch it.


we were driving to my moms house "demi why are we going to your folks place?" mar asked "I'm going to tell them about me and rachel"I answered and at that she stayed quiet.

once we pulled up at my parents house I looked out the window and sighed and got out with Marissa right behind me I knocked the door and walked in "mammy?"I shouted

"demi!" Madison shouted running and basically tackling in a hug "hey weres mom and Eddie?" I asked "in the kitchen with dallas"she answered.cool I can tell my sisters now too.

we walked in everyone greeted one another me and mar sat with then other four we were in silence "I have something to tell you guys"I mumble my mom grabbed my hand and squeezed and "you can tell us anything"she told me.

"okay I met someone in Ireland who I am truly in love with so I brought them over here to live with me"I told them I looked up and they were all smiling "aww demis in love" dallas chanted

"when do we get to meet him what's his name"Dallas asked "that's the thing its not a him and her names Rachel" I replied I couldn't look up

"demi look at us" Eddie told me "we couldn't love you any less if you were in to boys girls your still the same old demi"he told me "really?"I asked "yes of course sweetheart we are so glad you told us" they all were smiling "I wanted to tell you myself before I told my lovatics" I mentioned to them.

"so when do we meet her?"Dallas asked I didn't want to worry them about the fight so I decided not to tell them "soon I promise" at that I got a phone call it was my manager "excuse me" I said getting up.

D- hello?

M- hi demi don't forget Ellen 4 o'clock we will meet you there

D- yea of course

M- you forgot didn't you?

D- kinda but I'll be there

M- make sure bye

D- bye

I walked back in "guys I have an interview so I have to get going" I told them "okay but make sure we meet Rachel soon!" my mom warned "of course" we all said goodbye and left.

"can you drop of at my house?" mar asked "yea course by the way tune into Ellen at four"I told her "okay"she said "bye"we shared a hug she was about to get out "oh and mar thank you for everything" I thanked her "don't sweat it what are best friends for?"she told me and left..

it was 3:40 time to get to Ellen.

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