Da Bae

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My name is shamar an im in love with Jordan but in reality we are just friends. We both know we like eachother but we dont know how to show it. All we ever did was just go out on dates but in my dream we did alittle more than just date.

Shamar's P.O.V

It was the day before my date with Jordan and I was in class with my twin(Chloe) an we decided to walk home. We call eachother twins because we look like and everything else u can say. So we are in class and they are calling buses. We are walking around school and we went in different bathrooms. As I was walking out the stall somebody pushed me in to the wall. When I turned around it was Jordan I missed him so much even though I saw him when I was at P.E I still missed him tho. He kissed me and he whispered something in my ear I didnt have no choice but to laugh I couldnt take it anymore. Then we called everybody and told them to meet us outside. As we were walking home we were having a good time then when we got to my house they was mad but I had to go. Yesterday Jordan moved in because him and his parents got in a fight. So he needed a friend an somewhere to live because they kicked him out. I felt bad so I let him stay. When we got home my mom told us to go to our room. Plus we stay in the same room but he sleep in my guest bed and he always sneeking to come in my bed but he just my friend. When we got in the room my Iphone 5 rung....it was my twin. I was laughing loud to make him mad then he locked the door and came sit next to me on my bed. When I was about to laugh again he kissed me and I kissed back. I told her I was going to call her back and she got mad but I was going to see them tomorrow so I didnt care. We kissed for about a hour straight I got tierd so we went take a shower. After we was done my mom knocked on the door I unlocked and my mom said that we was going to get a hotel room for about a week because she wanted the house to her and my dad an we all knows what that mean.

THE NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!

We found a hotel thats not going to cost so much for a week and it was close to my house. We got settled in. We was having a good time making eachother laugh. Then we started to talk about our future, how we was going to be rich, and stuff like that. We kissed then went take our shower. I was going to sleep when he wrapped his arms around me because thats the only way hes going to go to sleep. I was trying to go to sleep but someone knocked at the door.

I said who is it and it was my daddy so I opened the door an I went back in the bed and Jordan wrapped his arms around me again. I swear I fell so safe in his arms when he hugs me I feel like everything and everyone just go away.

"are yall dating" ,my dad asked

"No we are just friends", I said

"mhm I see", my dad said

"we don't", Jordan said

"well stop acting like it, why yall so close like that if yall are just friends", my dad asked

"that's the only way he can go to sleep", I said

he gave me a hug an a kiss goodnight and told us bye

"Jordan do we go out",I asked

"no because you scared", he said

"no im not",I said

"mhmmmm",he said

Then he gave me a kiss on my forehead and went to sleep that's why I love him so much.

When we woke up it was six o'clock. Just in time for school. We got dressed an everything I hate school clothes I swear that's why I wanna move so bad. When we got done I realized we were wearing the same thing,white school shirt,blue shorts,blue white an white adidas with the jacket to go with it

I put my hair in a cute curly fro an he did the same because his hair is already curly. We look so cute together. By the time we was done it was six thirty we ran to the bus stop and got their just in time.

I looked at him and he was talking to Rashawn(my twin boyfriend)

My twin came sit by me an asked what's up with the matching clothes an running to the bus stop. I explained everything to her an she was like so you wasn't going to invite us

"it was already dark an your crazy, strick momma wasn't going to let you come", I said

"so so true",she said

we was quite the rest of the way listening to music an taking pictures for the gram.

When we got to school there was only the people on our bus there like always. It didn't fell right but Jordan an my twin was their so I was okay. We was clowning around an then the busses wanna come. There was this bitch that thinks she all that an what not but she's a hoe u see that thot. I just wanna take her an beat her but this year is my last year an I get my car in two weeks so I'm not worried. I'm just gone fight her when I see her on the street or something because she really been aggravating me lately. One day she was in the bathroom fucking every dude just one at a time an I'm like really when one came out she would be like NEXT.....NEXT.....NEXT I guess it was just that good but that aint none of my business.

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