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It was an unusual Saturday morning, both my parents were working and when I woke up all I had to do was brush my hair and change out of my pajamas. My make-up was already on and I looked nice. I went into the kitchen for breakfast. I opened the fridge and there were all my favorites! My mom must have recently gone to the store considering all the new items inside. I grabbed an apple from the fridge. I then opened the pantry and inside were all sorts of snacks and treats. And there of course was my favorite cereal. I poured myself a glass of apple juice and sat down to eat cereal and an apple. All of a sudden I hear the doorbell ring, I have no clue who it could be considering the day just started. Maybe my mom forgot something I think to myself. I got up and make my way to the door. As I open the door I see a very familiar face. I was completely shocked. "Charlie? What are you doing here?" I ask the boy from my school who I have the hugest crush on. He was wearing a winter jacket and a hat, his cheeks were bright red, possibly from the cold. "I needed to say something." he said. "Well then come inside, its quite cold out there." As if almost on cue it started snowing, and it looked beautiful. He stepped inside and took off his brown jacket to reveal his red Badger sweatshirt. "Well?" I ask him confused. "I wanted to say hi." Now I was even more confused. "Hi? You came all the way over here to say hi?" I wasn't complaining, I was happy he was talking to me I was just surprised. He looked at me with his big brown eyes in a serious way. "I heard once that amazing things happen with a simple hi." I got butterflies in my stomach as I looked into his beautiful eyes. "So, hi." he added and smiled at me. I smiled back at him, then he took my hands into his. His hands were cold and strong. "I want us to be something amazing." he told me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He was still holding my hands as he leaned forward and closed his eyes. I started to do the same and then... "Good Morning Sunshine!" Of course it was a dream. I can't believe I actually thought of it as reality. There looking at me was my mom who looked like she had just woken up as well, although her breathe smelled like coffee so I wasn't quite sure. "I wish it was." I mumbled as I tried to lay back down before she ripped the bedding off of me. "It is a great morning!" she said smiling. "Up, up, up! We have lots to do today." she said while leaving my room and shutting my door. I sighed as I looked into the mirror the see the disaster I was. Hair was a mess, make-up was smudged and I had no clue what I was going to wear. I opened my closet and searched for a decent outfit. I changed into a blue sweater with leggings, I brushed my hair and fixed my make-up and hoped for the best. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to see the same stuff as always. Left overs, wrinkly apples, lots of stuff I didn't want to eat. I walked over to the pantry hoping for something decent. Soups, stale crackers, old Halloween candy and cereal that no one touches. I grab an orange and pour myself a glass of water. As I'm peeling my orange I hear the doorbell ring. Was my dream possibly true? Was he outside my house? I ran to the front door and peek outside the window to see who it is. It is a very familiar face, but not the one I want to see. It's the old skitsofrantic lady from across the street. I can only imagine what she would tell us this time. Just a couple of days ago her son was "kidnapped and beaten up". When I was walking to school I saw him getting into his car and I didn't see any scars or bruises so I was sure he was just fine. I go back into the kitchen and see my mom all dressed making scrambled eggs. "Who was it?" she asks. "Oh it was just Carol" I tell her as I take a bite of my orange. "You didn't answer it did you?" "No of course not" I reassure her. This might be the fifth time she came over to our house to try and tell us another crazy thing. I actually find it quite scary, but when she comes over my mom or dad just tell her to go back inside, take her medication, calm down and rest. "Where are we going exactly?" I ask my mom who is now making her sandwich. "The Christmas market and a few other stops." she tells me distracted. "Oh okay. Oh Mom? Can we pick up Elyse after shopping? She wants to hang out." I ask her. "Yeah of course." She responds. "Get your coat on. We are leaving in five minutes." she adds. I grab my coat and put on my boots. "I forgot to ask. What do you want for Christmas?" she asks me while walking outside to the car. I shrug "Nothing specific I guess." We get into the car and its on the Christmas Radio and playing is "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey. That's what I truly want I think to myself while looking at the snow outside.

After the Christmas Market we stopped at Target to pick some things up. I told my mom I was going to walk around by myself and look for Christmas presents. As I was walking around I couldn't stop thinking about my dream. What did it mean? What should I do? Hi was actually my very first word as a baby, not momma or dada. Hi. And as a baby I would say hi to everyone I saw. I still do and it makes everyone happy. Except Charlie of course. I haven't said hi to him. That's why this dream had been going through my mind all day. Charlie was this boy that I have liked since last year. Last year me and him were good friends and we would talk, and I was almost positive he liked me back. That is until he found out I liked him from my friend that made it completely obvious that I liked him. The last 2 weeks were completely awkward between me and him. This year came around and I was hoping we could move on and forget about the past, but I'm right back where I started scared to talk to him. and even worse I have no classes with him this year besides art and biology. I was hoping Elyse could give me some advice about what to do. All of a sudden my phone starts ringing. "Hello?" "Where are you? I already checked out." my mom said across the line. "Oh okay I will be at at the door in a minute." I tell her as I hang up. I make my way to the door and wonder more about what I'm going to do.

"So let me get this straight. You had a dream that Charlie came over to say hi and then he kissed you?" asked my best friend Elyse. "Well we were about to kiss, but then I woke up. My mom ruined the moment." I tell her. She laughs a bit then replies "Well maybe this is a sign that you and him can be something, all you have to do is say hi."

"I wish it was all that simple. It's been 3 Months and I still haven't found the courage to say a two letter word."

"Well this is the world and me telling you that this is the chance and the time to do it."

I brushed my brown hair out of my face and looked down concerned that I was going to let the world down, since I wasn't going to be able to do it.

"And don't chicken out like all the other times. You can do this! I know you can." she said as if reading my thoughts. I sighed. "Fine I will try I guess." I said reluctantly.

"Good." she said smiling satisfied that she had changed my mind about the whole thing. I wish it could've been that simple. I still wasn't quite sure I was able to just go up to him randomly and say hi. It seemed too random and weird. I tried to get off the subject so she wouldn't read my thoughts again.

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