Chapter Seven

Monday, 3:12pm

I pulled down my spandex shorts that started rising and straitened my sports bra. I plugged in my Ihome in the corner of the room and turned on my contemporary music.

I found out that the locked room was a dance studio. That was the last thing I expected to be here. The house looks so much smaller on the outside then it really is. The room was 30 yards long and 10 yards wide, that is huge! It's so big that if you stick two people on opposite sides of the studio and they both had a D.S. they wouldn't be able to connect with eachother, that is how big this place is. The two side walls were covered in mirrors and a railing. Why would a person sell this place? It's amazing. Or a better question is, why did they lock the door in the first place?

I ignored the questions and started my warm ups that I do before I dance. I stretched my arms and legs, I did the splits and slipped down like butter melting. I got up and lifted one leg up to where I was standing on one leg and holding the other one up so it was like I was doing to the splits sideways.

I walked over to my Ihome and turned it to a curtain song that went to my favorite dance that I learned from my old choreographer.

(Video of Kim's dance to the side)

I took in a deep breath and smiled to myself. My eyes were closed the whole time, and heard clapping in the background. I turned to the door and saw Dylan standing in the doorway. How long was he standing there?

"Did you find your new play room?" He asked me, I smiled and nodded. I missed dancing I haven't been able to do it forever because we didn't have enough money to pay for it anymore and I had nowhere I could dance, but I never forgot the dances that I was taught.

I heard footsteps walk away and noticed Dylan walked away. I got up from the floor and started another dance.


A/N: So this chapter is really short and so are all of the others, I was just bored and wanted to write something about what Kim's passion is. And remember that Kim's dance is to the side, I am a big fan of Melanie Moore.


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